6 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

This spectacular plant is packed full of greatness and offers a fantastic solution to everyday eco-friendly products. Whether you’re a cooking connoisseur, aspiring chef or budding beginner, we all need the right tools. Bamboo has exceptional properties which means that it can thrive in the kitchen. Maybe you are intrigued by this increasingly popular material […]

5 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Pillows

Finding the right pillow is no easy task as we all want softness and firmness to come together in perfect harmony. There are also other aspects to take into consideration like longevity and sustainability. Fortunately, you’ve arrived at this blog post where we will explain how bamboo foam pillows can bring you a gateway to […]

How to Sleep on a Bamboo Pillow

If you’ve purchased a bamboo memory foam pillow you’re clearly interested in a perfect night’s sleep! They’re soft as a cloud and will send you off to dreamland as you melt into its magic memory foam. With its luxurious formula, bamboo is a real bedtime companion, especially if you give it some TLC. So, in […]

How to Care for Your Bamboo Clothes

Have you recently been gifted, or treated yourself to, a luxurious set of bamboo socks, underwear, singlets, bamboo leggings, or scarves? Are you pleased with your soft and aesthetically-pleasing new items, but aren’t sure how to go about keeping them clean? Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your bamboo clothing in […]

The Skin Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

A bedroom in an apartment with a double bed and beside cabinets, and a plain cream quilted bedspread

Most of us don’t give a thought to how our bedding affects our skin unless we have some kind of allergy. However, did you know that some types of bedding are better for your skin than others? We take a look at the skin benefits of bamboo bedding and how changing your bed linen can […]

Using Sustainable Kitchen Utensils

The past few years have seen a large-scale movement towards environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Now more than ever, we as a society are aware of our responsibility towards the planet earth, and many people are searching for ways to reduce waste in their life. Did you know that, due to the speed at which it […]

What You Need to Know About Your Bamboo Sheets

Textured white crumpled sheets

In recent years, bamboo sheets and bamboo pillow cases have increased in popularity – for many reasons. They are smoother and more luxurious than cotton or linen, absorb moisture, are inherently hypoallergenic and made from sustainable fabric. Their ability to keep you cool when it’s warm and warm in the colder months makes them a […]

How to Improve Your Sleep with the Right Pillow

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, attempting to count sheep, but unable to drift off to a relaxing and restful sleep? A proper sleep schedule and good sleep hygiene are so important for our mental and physical wellbeing, but large numbers of the population suffer from insomnia and inconsistent sleep patterns. Often, […]

How to Reduce Waste in Your Home

In 2021, many of us are more conscious than ever of our collective responsibility to the planet. Plenty of countries and governments are re-evaluating their populations’ relationship with disposable products and single-use plastics; further, many ethical and environmentally-minded companies are increasingly aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions. But when we feel pessimistic about […]

Hacks on How to Wash Bamboo Safely

White simple bedroom design with mirror, dresser and comfortable

Many of us are switching to bamboo bedding due to its luxurious feel and ability to keep us at the optimum body temperature as we sleep. It’s known for being hypoallergenic and for its moisture-wicking properties plus, as it is anti-microbial and resists odours it compares favourably with cotton or polyester/cotton alternatives. But how do […]