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Finding the right pillow is no easy task as we all want softness and firmness to come together in perfect harmony. There are also other aspects to take into consideration like longevity and sustainability. Fortunately, you’ve arrived at this blog post where we will explain how bamboo foam pillows can bring you a gateway to sleeping paradise.

  1. Brilliant Back and Neck Support

Ever woke up in the morning with a sharp pain tearing down your neck? Walk around with niggling back cramps? Our lifestyle can impact these cramps but our sleeping positions also play a part. Ideally, we all want to sleep in a way that nurtures spinal alignment rather than do something that will lead to crippling aches. We all have *that* perfect position that gets us ready for resting however, and we want our pillow to cradle our head and neck areas too. Thanks to its moulding memory foam properties, bamboo is an excellent support that provides a comfortable platform to keep our sleeping posture in check.

  1. Awesome Adjustability

The makeup of bamboo memory foam pillows almost makes them customisable! You’ll find that the filling is composed of shreds that you can add to or remove to best suit you. Moreover, as discussed above, the memory foam nature of the bamboo allows it to settle into and around your body.

  1. Amazingly Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

This material is a real germ buster and will keep nasty bacteria at bay. It’s a major reassuring attribute of bamboo given that our mucous membranes (in our eyes, nose and mouth) are in close proximity with our pillow. Essentially, no one wants a pillow that is harbouring a whole host of unpleasant microbes. Bamboo is a natural way to long lasting freshness and it’s also excellent at absorbing moisture, which means it will keep mould away too.

  1. Helpfully Hypoallergenic

Anyone with allergies or sensitive skin will know the struggles involved in finding clothing, towels and bedding. The last thing you want is to wake up feeling puffy and irritated. Luckily, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic seen as no potent chemicals are used during its manufacturing methods. It is a purer resource than its synthetic counterparts, making it perfect for items like pillows.

  1. Environmental Advantages

As this plentiful plant grows, it doesn’t require the addition of harsh pesticides or dangerous fertilisers. Bamboo is also renewable resource that is sustainable and earth loving seen as it absorbs lots of carbon dioxide and releases tons of oxygen. When you choose this material you contributing to a cleaner, brighter future for our planet.

In conclusion, there are so many reasons as to why bamboo makes a boss pillow. We are almost certain that you will fall in love with its luxurious softness and incredible properties.

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