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This spectacular plant is packed full of greatness and offers a fantastic solution to everyday eco-friendly products. Whether you’re a cooking connoisseur, aspiring chef or budding beginner, we all need the right tools. Bamboo has exceptional properties which means that it can thrive in the kitchen. Maybe you are intrigued by this increasingly popular material or, perhaps, this is the first time you’ve heard of it being used in this way! So, in this post we’ll get down to why you need to make the change over to bamboo cooking utensils.

  1. Bacteria Banishers

Did you know that bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial? This is, of course, what makes it so wonderful as a food preparation utensil. Unlike its wooden counterparts, bamboo is capable of absorbing moisture and so will keep germs, mould and other such nasties at bay! Hygiene is a crucial cornerstone of kitchen activity so if you’re looking for that ultimate spick and span with your utensils, bamboo is for you.

  1. Affordability without Compromise

Considering all the rich benefits of bamboo, you receive excellent value for money. Not only are there utensils remarkably durable, they also look the part and are highly usable. What’s more is the fact that you’ll be investing in a practice that harnesses the environment rather than kills it.

  1. Good for the Environment

Continuing on from the previous point, when it comes to consumer choices, nothing can be kinder to our planet than opting for renewable resources where possible. Seen as fallen sheaths are used for bamboo products, no harm comes to the plant itself. In addition, bamboo is 100% biodegradable and so can be recycled after use. In contrast, we are all so aware of the damage that plastic and other harmful synthetics can cause. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to buy amazing products that help support the environment, we should grab them.

  1. Natural and Resilient

Bamboo is a plant that grows copiously without much water or the assistance of dangerous pesticides. Further to that, no harmful chemicals are used in its cleaning process. It is a tough and robust material but it won’t scratch your non-stick pans or finest pots - the perfect balance of strength and delicacy.

  1. Odour Resistant

Its superpowers don’t stop there! Bamboo has an amazing anti-absorbency ability that helps it to repel odours. That’s right; no more curry flavoured eggs the morning after an Indian cook up!

  1. Outstanding Quality

Having read all the above, you can see that this material has a lot to offer. What starts as a humble plant flourishes into earth loving kitchenware that you’ll use again and again.

To sum up, bamboo has so many benefits whilst also being able to firmly withstand the heat of the kitchen. Our future can be something bigger if we choose to shop more consciously when it comes to our everyday items. If you would like to know more about our bamboo household products please get in touch. We will also advise you on maintenance and help to answer any other questions you may have about this plant.


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