In 2021, many of us are more conscious than ever of our collective responsibility to the planet. Plenty of countries and governments are re-evaluating their populations’ relationship with disposable products and single-use plastics; further, many ethical and environmentally-minded companies are increasingly aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions. But when we feel pessimistic about the Earth’s future, it can be difficult to see how one person or household’s actions can make a difference, and we become demotivated to do the right thing. If you would like to become a more ecologically-friendly consumer, and reduce waste in your home, but don’t know where to start, here are some simple solutions you can implement in your everyday life.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and by making one or more of these changes, you can make a truly positive impact – which is good for planet, and good for the soul!

Shop with Waste Reduction and Recycling in Mind

The first step in waste reduction is to be mindful of what we bring into our homes in the first place. When buying groceries, cleaning products, clothes, and other assorted miscellanea, keep an eye out for items with packaging that you can either recycle or reuse. Instead of buying food that’s wrapped in single-use plastic, why not opt instead for a similar product packaged in materials you can rinse and recycle? And if your preserves or dessert comes in an aesthetically-pleasing glass jar, why not keep it for other foods, storage, or even decoration as a unique and original candle-holder or ash-tray? The less disposable waste you bring into your home, the less you’ll have to contend with.

Take Advantage of Reusable Cleaning Products

It’s amazing how quickly disposable cleaning products – like cheap sponges or one-use flannels – can become rancid, or disintegrate, before you have to throw them out, replace them, and repeat the cycle all over again. Instead, why not cut up old or unwanted clothes to use as washable (and therefore reusable) rags? This way, you can wipe down your counters and keep up with your dusting with a clear conscience – and enjoy the benefit of a sparkling home. Alternatively, you could make a one-time, long-lasting investment in superior and ethically-sourced bamboo cloths, at an affordable price. Your shelves and tabletops will thank you!

Optimise Your Storage Solutions

It’s hard to declutter and reduce waste if you don’t know what you have to begin with. Dedicate a day to sorting and organising the possessions you’d like to keep, and then store them in an aesthetically-pleasing and easily-accessible system in which you can take pride. If you keep to your system, you’ll enjoy the ease-of-use so much that you won’t want to add new, unnecessary items to your beautiful shelves. And if you’re looking for elegant and environmentally-conscious bamboo household products, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous and adaptable set of bamboo storage boxes? These will breathe new life into your collections of books, towels, toys, or craft supplies, and the creamy fabric lining will suit the look of any household. Or why not trying our bamboo laundry hamper, bamboo table runners or our bamboo utensils

Use Refillable Containers

If you happened to be the lucky owner of a bamboo mini spice rack, you could decant your dried herbs into one of the six beautifully-crafted bottles (which come with engraved bamboo lids, so you can tell your spices apart); once they need replacing, it’s easy to find “no waste” stores, where you can take your containers and refill them with loose goods and sundries, rather than buying endless plastic bottles!

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