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If you’ve purchased a bamboo memory foam pillow you’re clearly interested in a perfect night’s sleep! They’re soft as a cloud and will send you off to dreamland as you melt into its magic memory foam. With its luxurious formula, bamboo is a real bedtime companion, especially if you give it some TLC. So, in this blog, we’ll outline how to break in your bamboo pillow for pampered perfection.

Gas On Gas Off

You’ll find that bamboo pillows often arrive tightly wrapped or even vacuum-sealed to save on shipping costs. As you unravel your package you may discover a bit of a smell emitting from the foam. Don’t worry at all as this is completely normal. It’s a process known as ‘off-gassing’ and it will dissipate on its own. Simply leave your pillow in a clean, well-ventilated area for around a day or so.

Shake, Dry and Fluff

Bamboo pillows are made up of fibres that get spun into yarn. Once the initial smell has gone, you can start to activate the shredded memory foam that’s locked into the pillow’s supple fibres. Make sure you give it a good kneading to smoothen it out and get a real feel for the softly knitted texture. After you’re satisfied with your pillow punches, it’s ready for the next breaking in stage.

Drying the pillow itself is an excellent way to straighten out chunks and give it a sensationally smooth finish. Simply remove the outer casing (always handle it separately), and put the pillow into the dryer on a low heat setting for around 10 to 15 minutes. For even better results add in some dryer balls!

After the cycle has finished, remove the pillow and give it ample fluffing to further loosen the filling and to let the air flow.

Rise and Shine

Plumping your bamboo pillows every so often as you make your bed in the morning can help them to retain their airiness.

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Let the Relaxation Begin

Now that you’re happy with the texture of you pillow, it’s time to put it into action with full chill out vibes. Place your pillow in its prime spot and get yourself nice and cosy. Remember that the pillow will be doubly gratifying if you feel peaceful and relaxed. So, enjoy a calming chamomile tea or a creamy hot chocolate and put on your mood lights and dimming lamps. Perhaps, prop up your pillow to test your back against it as your lose yourself in your latest book or favourite TV series.

When you start to feel sleepy, slip your pillow down and slowly ease your head onto it. You will instantly see how you mould into the foam and feel supported by its malleable structures. Softness and comfort will envelop you and take you off into a blissful sleep.

How to Wash Your Bamboo Pillow

The best approach to cleaning is to follow the manufacturer’s advice and instructions. However, if there aren’t any, you can machine wash the coverings on a 30c, low spin cycle and the inside can be gently hand washed – both with a mild detergent. Absolutely never use bleach! It will damage the delicate fibres and bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial anyway, so no harsh chemicals are necessary!

To conclude, a bamboo pillow is a brilliant purchase and with the right care it will stand you in good stead. Pair it with our bamboo sheet sets or bamboo blanket to get the full bamboo experience. We are sure that you will absolutely adore your pillow and be so glad you decided to choose this glorious material.

If you have any further questions in regards to how to sleep well on your bamboo pillow or how to look after it, please get in touch with us here at A World of Bamboo.

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