The past few years have seen a large-scale movement towards environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Now more than ever, we as a society are aware of our responsibility towards the planet earth, and many people are searching for ways to reduce waste in their life. Did you know that, due to the speed at which it grows, bamboo is extremely eco-friendly? Not many people are aware of the wide range of hypoallergenic and naturally antibiotic bamboo products currently available. At World of Bamboo, you can find everything from bamboo kitchen utensils and bedding such as bamboo bed sheets, bamboo pillow cases and bamboo blankets, to bamboo clothing, all made out of this marvellous fibre! Are you looking for ways to live a more sustainable life? Want to redo your kitchen, but don’t have thousands to drop on an expensive remodel? Or maybe you’re just moving into your first adult home, and want to invest in timeless essentials that will withstand daily use and changing trends. Whatever your situation, everybody can benefit from being more environmentally conscious, and with the sustainable kitchen utensils available at A World of Bamboo, you can do so in style.

Start with Our Complete Set of Kitchen Utensils on A Bamboo Stand

A bamboo kitchen utensils holder is a must-have that will cover all your bases. The complete set of kitchen utensils includes a spatula, two spoons, and a mixer, all neatly organised in a decorative rack, fitted with a paper towel holder and space for a decorative dish. This highly customisable item works perfectly on your kitchen counters, or even at the table as a pleasing and useful centrepiece, and it’s neutral pallet will work in any space to make your house or apartment feel like a home.

Spice Up Your Life with Our Mini Spice Rack

You can’t cook your delicious signature dish without the necessary spices. Instead of hiding sad plastic bottles of dried herbs and seasonings away in your cupboard, why not keep them to hand in a convenient and attractive bamboo spice rack? These six, stylish bottles with engraved bamboo lids will keep your essential seasonings clearly signposted, while adding a touch of elegance and class to your countertop.

Your Guests Will Love Our Oil, Vinegar, Salt, And Pepper Shakers on A Bamboo Stand

While our mini spice rack works perfectly in the kitchen, our oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper shakers on a bamboo stand are the ideal addition to your dining table, whether that’s a behemoth that seats twelve people, or simply your coffee table in front of the TV! This compact item stores all your tabletop seasonings artistically in one, convenient location. Its sturdy bamboo handle keeps everything upright, and makes the entire product easy to move, so you have one less thing to worry about during post-mealtime clean-ups.

Glam Up Your Appetisers with Our Savoury Dish Set

Finally, our savoury dish set perfectly complement our oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper shakers on a bamboo stand. This product is ideal for serving crisps, nuts, olives, croutons, pretzels, bread-bites, dips, and more! You can customise the four hip square dishes by choosing a yellow, green, red, or white colour, and the sweet love heart handle makes the product easy to manoeuvre and lift.

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