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Nothing adds comfort and cosiness to a room than a blanket, and with a bamboo blanket from A World of Bamboo, you can get both style and functionality – with the added eco-friendly credentials that we know are important to our customers. Read More

Discover A World Of Comfort With A Bamboo Blanket

Here at A World of Bamboo, we know that our customers are putting the environment first in their purchasing decisions, and now the materials used in our day-to-day lives can be replaced with natural fibres that not only work perfectly but also do remarkable things to the world around us. As an Australian owned and operated business, we take pride in providing a range of bamboo products suitable for all homes – from fitted bamboo sheets to bamboo cot sheets, bamboo utensils to bamboo socks.

Of course, environmental needs are only a part of the reason that our customers choose us. We make sure that every item we sell feels amazing – and that includes our range of beautiful bamboo blankets in Australia.

A Blanket That Is Cosy & Great For The Environment? The Wonder Of Bamboo

Our beautiful Bamboo Blankets are generously sized – big enough to cover a queen-sized bed. They are made with a perfect blend of cotton and bamboo for comfort, and it is weighty enough to give you the ultimate snuggle.

But what makes bamboo so special? It really is the wonder material when it comes to creating all sorts of products, but as a material for clothing and linens, it comes into its own. Firstly – the environment. Bamboo grows quickly, and while it is growing it absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than cotton. Better for air quality and fighting against climate change, bamboo as a crop becomes mature enough for harvest in just three years – so it is easily more sustainable too.

Bamboo is all-natural. Alongside the prolific nature of bamboo, it is also extremely resilient – so no need for pesticides or fertilizers. This means that organic bamboo does not contain any chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic – so is perfect for those with sensitive skin

Our heavyweight, large bamboo blankets are amazing for the environment, but even better for you. We chose to create a blanket that is perfect in any home – whether you want to make the best use of it in bed, or on the sofa – and when you aren’t wrapped up, it looks perfectly stylish draped along the back of a sofa or flung on the bed.

Don’t forget that our blankets made of bamboo are also easy to look after, with really simple care instructions – so your blanket will last for much longer than you might expect.

Buy Your Blankets Made Of Bamboo & Other Materials For Sale Online At A World Of Bamboo

We take pride in sourcing the best bamboo products for our customers, but we also make sure that we offer a wide range of options to suit all styles and budgets – which is why you can choose from other blankets in our range. We think our Faux Fur Blanket offers a great compromise for those who love the style of fur but don’t want to make use of animal products. The front is a beautiful faux fur, with a matching polyester suede backing. Available in both Queen and King size, it is a beautiful, detailed, and designer-led piece of art. For those who love a more rustic design, our Luxury Weave Blanket has a beautiful, knitted design with tassels. Available in charcoal or grey, you can choose single, queen, or king-size to complement your living space.

Buy your bamboo blanket online with us at A World of Bamboo and you too can experience the comfort and coziness for yourself. Read Less

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