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Bamboo Table Runners & Placemats

Bamboo Table Runners & Placemats

Whether you are looking to entertain guests, or you simply need bamboo table runners and placemats for your everyday dining, A World of Bamboo is the place to get what you need. Read More

Set Your Table With Bamboo Table Runners & Placemats

As bamboo is such a versatile material and looks great wherever you place it, your table runners and bamboo placemats will always be in style. What’s more, as bamboo is so on-trend at the moment, your table can get an updated facelift.

Discover The Many Benefits Of Using Bamboo For Table Placemats & Runners

Not only does bamboo look great, but it also makes the perfect choice of bamboo homeware for your table. When you choose to buy bamboo table placemats, you are choosing an antibacterial material. These placemats naturally stay clean and fresh, along with resisting odours.

Along with this, when you buy bamboo table runners, you can also feel good knowing that you have made an eco-friendly choice. As bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, it provides a sustainable source of material to use in many products. When it has grown, it is harvested, and then new bamboo can be grown in its place, and the cycle can continue.

Bamboo also does not need fertilisers or pesticides to grow thanks to its resilience. This means that it is naturally chemical-free, so it is great for placing on a table where you serve food. You can be sure that your food is safe and will not become contaminated is anything is spilt.

Once your table runners and placemats have reached the end of their lifespan, they can biodegrade back into the earth without leaving any harmful chemicals or residues behind as the material is natural.

Bamboo table placemats and runners also make a fantastic gift for others as they look great on any table. Your recipient will also know that you have given a gift that is sustainable and beautiful.

Buy Your Bamboo Tableware From A World of Bamboo

You can purchase your bamboo table runners and placemats online from A World of Bamboo today. If you have bought items as a last-minute gift or are just eager to receive yours, the good news is, you will not have to wait long. We dispatch products that are ordered before 2 pm on the same day or the next business day if it is after 2 pm. Orders to an Australian address are usually with you within 2-4 days.

We offer a flat shipping rate across Australia of $9.95 or free delivery when you spend over $150, so why not browse through the rest of our products and see if you can be tempted?

As an Australian owned and operated company, we are proud to offer our customers bamboo products that have been made with quality materials, and you can expect them to last you many years. If you would like to find out more about what our customers think, read through our outstanding reviews and discover more about why A World of Bamboo is the place to get your table runners and placemats made of bamboo.

Shop with us today and make an on-trend and eco-friendly choice. Read Less

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