Bamboo Baby Pillow Cases

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Nothing delivers gentle and luxurious comfort in the same way our premium Bamboo Baby Pillow cases do! Our eco-friendly bamboo pillow cases deliver superior softness that can only be compared to that experienced when sleeping on silk sheets.

Features and benefits

  • These pillow cases are made of a very eco-friendly material – bamboo. Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource that grows to a harvestable height in as little as three years.
  • Incredible softness: These Bamboo Baby pillow cases are unbelievably soft. Your baby will sleep soundly throughout the entire night without experiencing any discomfort.
  • Bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic (very low potential of causing allergic reactions). This makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin and other allergies.
  • The fact that this pillow is made of 100% organic bamboo (which is naturally porous) makes it quite breathable and absorbent. This means you will be able to stay cool throughout the night without overheating as is the case with pillows made of other materials.
  • The bamboo fibre is quite strong, a factor which makes it durable.

Hurry and get this premium quality Bamboo Baby Pillow case from us to start enjoying premium quality sleep on a cosy, hypoallergenic surface.


100% Organic Bamboo    




Care Instructions

The moment you receive the pillow case, air it out to remove any packaging odours before sleeping on it.

To clean, handwash the pillow case and hung till dried.

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19 reviews for Bamboo Baby Pillow Cases

  1. Paul

    Not bad for my newborn! No complaints yet 🙂

  2. Amy

    Great quality and great customer service and shipping was very fast

  3. Alejandro


  4. Clara Pippo

    Really beautiful quality. Such quality and very affordable prices. Will buy the baby cots for present for baby shower.

  5. Amanda Coleman

    Saw these baby pillows cases at my local shopping centre and they are definitely cheaper here on line. The quality is great and postage a couple of days which is good. Quality of the pillows are great.

  6. Glenda Queentin

    So soft and comfortable bamboo pillow case.My baby sleeps all night. I now also get a good night sleep.

  7. Georgina Taralton

    Terrific bamboo products. Buying from you guys now the baby cot sheets. Your service is exceptional to any other online shop I have ever bought before. Thank you/

  8. Daniella Spolito

    Terrific bamboo pillow case for my new born. Super quality. I am a very happy customer to see my baby sleep and get a solid night sleep without any broken sleep. By the way the baby cot sheets are excellent also.

  9. Nadia Grasso

    Great product and very quick service. Highly recommend this product to any new customers.

  10. Josie Carson

    Great quality. Filling my cart now with more products with baby cot sheets and baby socks. I love bamboo.

  11. Karyn Maddson

    Awesome bamboo baby pillow. Really beautiful product

  12. Thomas Woodfin

    These work great with our Bamboo Pillows no problems with the case coming off, nice, smooth cool to the touch.

  13. Tegan Wilson

    Absolutely beautiful quality. AAA+++ SELLER

  14. Nadia Grasso

    Beautiful and soft bamboo pillow for new born baby to sleep on. Great product from a terrific supplier. AAAAA+++++ seller

  15. Nancy Pepperton

    Was extremely happy to receive my purchase on this beautiful bamboo baby pillow case. My baby sleeps so comfortable and sleeps on the night through since I purchase this pillow case.

  16. Perry Brown

    Really gorgeous soft and comfortable pillow case for my baby to sleep on.

  17. Carmela Pippeto

    Bought the baby cot bed sheets from you guys. Really quality product and purchased the baby pillow cases and they are truly amazing product. Love your products.

  18. Bianca E

    Absolutely beautiful quality bamboo baby case. Super fast delivery also. Very happy customer

  19. Wendy Xiu

    Excellent pillow case. So so soft and smooth.

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