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Bamboo Bath Towels


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Enjoy the sensual softness of our Bamboo Bath Towels! Our bamboo and cotton towels are magnificently soft and are one of the best towels available on the market. Breathable, hypoallergenic, and naturally bacteria proof, these bamboo towels stay fresh longer, get softer with each and every wash, and are perfect even for those with the most sensitive and delicate skin. These towels provide the perfect finishing touch to a warm comforting bath.


Why choose bamboo bath towels? Here is why:

  • The towels are made from eco-friendly material. Bamboo is organically grown without any pesticides or fertilisers.
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, odour, dust mite and mould resistant.
  • The fibre is not only soft but also has great absorbent properties, which make it perfect for use as a towel.
  • Strong-bamboo can hold up to three times its weight in water making ideal products that are used and washed frequently.
  • They are machine washable.
  • That’s not all! The towels are available in different colours for you to choose from. You can choose from either grey, cream, champagne, or teal colours; the choice is all yours. Made of 70% organic bamboo and 30% cotton.  Place your order today! Your body will not want to leave your towels.



The bath towels are available in one size; 70 x 140 cm (588 gsm)

Care instructions:

  • Machine washable (gentle cycle in cold water ONLY)
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Grey, Cream, Champagne, Teal

83 reviews for Bamboo Bath Towels

  1. Barbra Sullivan

    BRILLIANT! We actually can’t believe how absorbent these towels are. These are the best towels my husband and I have ever owned-super silky and soft. We only bought 2 (not enough) and am going to buy more! By the way, excellent service from those guys too.

  2. Samatha Reed

    I have never had such beautiful soft towels. Very absorbent! Truly love them. Will be buying more for myself and great gift ideas.

  3. Kerry P

    The best quality of bath towels. They are 6 times more absorbent than normal cotton. So soft against your skin. I will never use normal cotton towels again. Worth every cent!

  4. Samantha Upfield

    Awesome bamboo towels.So so soft against my skin. I will never go back to cotton bath towels once I now experience the quality and the benefits of using a natural product.

  5. Trudy James

    Bought for myself two bath towels. These are best soft towels every used. Great against the skin and so absorbent to dry with. Buying to give as presents for my mum now. Great service also.

  6. Kim Nottingham

    These are best bamboo bath towels I have ever bought. Amazing soft on my skin and very absorbent . Never will I buy again cotton towels.

  7. Tauri O

    What struck me about these bath sheets … sumptuous, thick, soft & heavy! When I wrap myself into it I just snuggle, you know you’re wrapped!!! Oh my gosh I am definitely going to add to my towel collection! These are very much quality towels!

  8. Georgia Thompson

    So so soft and comfy! The best towels I have ever bought. Very quick service.

  9. Christine Maytone

    I love this set of towels. So soft and very absorbent. These get used regularly and are still soft and fluffy as ever. Highly recommend!!

  10. Cheng Sing

    My two daughters have alot of allergies and I bought 10 pairs of your quality bamboo bath towels. Terrific products. Very soft and absorbent these towels are. Will buy more bedding products, as the quality is truly amazing. Thank you .

  11. Donna K

    Superb, simply put they are the best towels I have ever used. They stay as soft and luxurious as the day I first washed them. I have seen no shrinkage happening, so far they are as good as I could hope for. Thank you to A World of Bamboo

  12. Tania Soccio

    So soft and very absorbent bath towels. Terrific bamboo bath towels. We are now replacing all our cotton towels with Bamboo. Magificient product and so hygienic.

  13. Paula Generton

    Very soft and absorbent towels. I would never go back to cotton. I am a guru to convert all my bedding and clothing accessories to bamboo. Natural products. Thank you for very quick service to A World of Bamboo

  14. Tammy Connolly

    Truly soft and luxurious bath towels. No more of the crap cotton. I am stocking up with all new bamboo bath towels. Also they are affordable for the quality of bamboo. Love them guys.

  15. Gina Coco

    Soft and cosy bamboo towels. Awesome purchase. Worth every penny. Highly recommend the bath towels to any online buyers

  16. Gina Smarta

    Fanastic bath towels to dry with. Nothing beats this bamboo quality. Changing all my linen to Bamboo. Very quick service.

  17. Owen Pulse

    Love these soft and smooth bath towels. Great service.

  18. Victor Owen

    So soft and absorbing against the skin when you use the bamboo towels. Bought already 6 for my new house. Highly recommend to anyone. Never go back to crap cotton.

  19. Cheng Weng

    Very very nice bamboo bath towels.Thank u for good service

  20. Victoria Smelton

    Terrific smooth bamboo towels. Great buy and wont ever use cotton again. Highly recommend to anyone for great quality towels.

  21. Tara Bronston

    Fanastic quality. Very good quality and very affordable for the price. Wonderful service from A World of Bamboo

  22. Tara Jamieson

    Love my new quality bamboo towels. So soft against the skin. Very absorbent.Thank you for your very quick service Cynthia.

  23. Juliana Morrow

    Super soft against my skin. Oh wow! Nothing beats these quality bamboo bath towels. Highly recommend them. Great service and communication.

  24. Melanie Throwstone

    Magificient quality bath towels. Superb textile. Great products.

  25. Christine Maddeson

    Excellent quality and very affordable. SUPER SUPER quick service guys! Thank you so much

  26. Sam Davidson

    Absolutely love these towels. Feel soft, not going back to normal towels.

  27. Angela Paulston

    Beautiful soft bath towels. Really beautiful quality for the price

  28. Oscar Winton

    Fanastic bamboo towels. So soft and absorbent.
    Buying heaps more

  29. Teri White

    Extremely happy with my new bamboo bath towels I purchased from your website. So soft against my skin. Thank you so much for your superior service.

  30. Rosie Patterson

    Super happy with the quality of my purchase and super service from A World of Bamboo

  31. Gina Pappas

    Fanastic bamboo towels.I heard so much about them and truly excellent quality . so so soft against your skin and very absorbent. Great colours.

  32. Rosie Hemmington

    Terrific product together with excellent service from Cynthia.

  33. Terri Sung

    Very very good bamboo bath towels. Feels really beautiful when you put against your skin. Super soft and comfy.

  34. Alison Webston

    I love these towels so much I’ve bought another set

  35. Josephine Camieri

    These towels are so very soft… It’s like wrapping yourself up and drying yourself off in a thick, fluffy cloud! And being made from such a sustainable resource I won’t be buying any other towels but these!

  36. Rosie Smith

    Excellent bath towels.So soft and cosy against my skin. Love bamboo!

  37. Jessie McNaughton

    Excellent product. Converted now to all bamboo products. Fanastic seller, so so helpful.

  38. Belinda Hardiman

    Love these super quality bamboo bath towels. I got them as a Christmas present. Now buying more towels for the rest of my family to use also.

  39. Barbara Cressimo

    These towels are gorgeous, soft large, thick and luxurious. They wash well and dry soft and absorbant. They are just lovely!

  40. Trevour Grant

    I bought a set of these bamboo towels for wedding present for my niece. She was truly happy and couldn’t say enough about beautiful and soft they are to dry yourself with.Now buying 6 pairs of towels for myself and throwing out all the crappy cotton towels I have. AAA+++ SELLER

  41. Belinda Kline

    Excellent product. I will never go back to the crap cotton towels. All thrown out and now buying all your bamboo towels in my Manchester set

  42. Rosa Madison

    So so soft are these bamboo towels. Heard so much about this natural bamboo product with no chemicals and antibacterial. I am super impressed with these high quality towels. Will buy the bedsheets now

  43. Sarah Jones

    The towels were a gift and the recipient loved them

  44. Cathy Simone

    lovely soft quality towels. Gorgeous colours, generous sizing. Super happy with my purchase and the service was amazing

  45. Fiona Worsdenton

    Never had bamboo bath towels before. WOW they are the best . So soft and absordent against your body. Extremely happy with my new product purchased

  46. Rosemary McKillian

    Beautiful quality. Super soft and smooth.

  47. Colleen Kado

    Great quality and towels are super absorbent

  48. Marianne Kellyson

    Super soft bamboo bath towels.Extremely happy with my new purchase made with you guys. Highly recommend these bath towels to new customers wanting quality bath towels

  49. Fiona Cringley

    Beautiful quality bath towels. Excellent products and service was exceptional.

  50. Connie Milona

    Great quality and towels are super absorbent

  51. Zori pappaoulios

    I cannot stop about how soft and beautiful these bamboo towels. Ai both both the teal colour and grey towels. I so impressed with the quality

  52. Mary McKilton

    Great products with super fast delivery. Buying more products after the great service received from A World of Bamboo

  53. Janine Mercedi

    LOVE these bamboo bath towels. Buying more for the rest of my friends for gifts. Great product!

  54. Perry R

    These are super good bamboo towels.Love my new buy!

  55. Franca Di Cossimo

    These beautiful bamboo bath towels are super absorbent and so soft against your skin. Thank you to A World of Bamboo for these great products and super quick service

  56. Rosie Brown

    Bought these towels because I heard from my friend who bought from this website how good these bamboo towels are. Super soft and will never go back to cotton

  57. Carla Lawson

    Love these bamboo towels. So so super soft!
    Great product.

  58. Fiona McKenzie

    Superior quality bath towels I bought from this website. Buying more to replace all my bath towels with. Service is AAAAA++++

  59. Heather Johnston

    Amazing quality these bamboo towels. Love the softness.

  60. Cecil Brown

    I heard so much about quality bamboo towels. And they are right! so so soft . throwing out all my lousey cotton towels and converting to BAMBOO. The best!

  61. Kelly Jones

    Wow heard so much about bamboo. Great and soft towels. Your service is exceptionally rated AAA+++

  62. Bianca McNaughton

    Great quality and towels are super absorbent

  63. Gina Montaldo

    Great for my sensitive skin. Love bamboo products

  64. Pam Costello

    Magificient quality towels.Super absorbent to dry with. Love them!

  65. Rita Mascaro

    Beautiful towels to dry your self on. OMG love them.

  66. Tania Ismalic

    Gorgeous quality bamboo towels. Buying more because I am so so happy with the quality and softness. Love bamboo products!

  67. Nina Waldon

    Love my bamboo towels. Super soft. Highly recommend!

  68. Barbara McCloud

    Just love the softness and how absorbent these bamboo towels are

  69. Jenny Trippson

    Great quality and towels are so so super absorbent

  70. Tammy Jones

    Super quality towels. SO SO absorbent to dry your body with. Soft and comfortable. Thank you for a super quick service by A World of Bamboo.

  71. Amy Johnston

    Really has it states super absorbent and soft bath towels. Very happy customer.

  72. Penny Bratteson

    Beautifully made and of superb quality, they have a luxury 600 GSM pile and are wonderfully soft

  73. Joanna Davison

    Would heartily recommend these towels, they are so soft and the colours are really beautiful

  74. Patrick Mollyson

    Absolutely beautiful soft quality bamboo towels. Previously bought for my elderly mum who loved them so much and bought a set for a gift for my daughter and myself also. Love these bamboo products!

  75. Vera Smallton

    Super super soft and absorbent. Really love the quality of these bamboo towels.


    Fanastic customer service and great products

  77. Julie Marshall

    Terrific quality bath towels. Super soft to dry with.

  78. Nancy Diletto

    Beautiful and soft on the skin and absorb moisture quickly

  79. Demi Patterson

    These towels are a dream to dry myself with. I purchased two and am really pleased with the quality. Now planning to buy the other colour as a gift

  80. Jill De Gilio

    These towels are heavenly. Feels like you are in a hotel!

  81. Wendy Worden

    Great product. Great communication. Quick to post

  82. Eva Jones

    Really excellent quality towels. super soft towels. love them!

  83. Fay Bennett

    I have never used towels as soft as these and I have other bamboo towels. I was so impressed that I immediately bought 2 more sets as gifts

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