Bamboo Cable Knit Blanket

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This luxurious bamboo blanket feels magnificent. It is an eco-friendly product and is just the perfect addition to your bedding. The generously sized (able to cover a queen size bed) bamboo blanket provides extraordinary comfort and softness to the user. It is impossible not to love this blanket!

  • Breathable, hypoallergenic, and naturally bacteria proof, this blanket is perfect for all skin types, particularly for those who have sensitive and delicate skin.
  • Bamboo is three times more absorbent than cotton, and it draws away moisture as you sleep, keeping you cool, dry and luxuriously comfortable all night.
  • The bamboo blanket is perfect all year round; it provides the benefit of warmth during winter, and its breathable qualities will provide comfort during the much warmer seasons.
  • Bamboo blankets are much softer than cotton blankets.

Our bamboo blankets are made of 70% bamboo, 30% cotton and 215gsm, and weigh about 2150g/pc.  Buy your piece online today from us, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.  Team this up with our amazing bamboo bed sheets for an amazing night sleep! Read More


Queen size: 220 x 240cm

Care instructions:

  • Wash in cold water only
  • If machine-washed, do not wash together with rough fabrics
  • Use delicate or eco-friendly laundry detergent
  • Do not use bleach, optical brighteners, or fabric softeners
  • Line-drying is preferable

Discover A World Of Comfort With A Bamboo Blanket

Here at A World of Bamboo, we know that our customers are putting the environment first in their purchasing decisions, and now the materials used in our day-to-day lives can be replaced with natural fibres that not only work perfectly but also do remarkable things to the world around us. As an Australian owned and operated business, we take pride in providing a range of bamboo products suitable for all homes – from bamboo fitted sheets to bamboo cot sheets, bamboo utensils to bamboo socks.

Of course, environmental needs are only a part of the reason that our customers choose us. We make sure that every item we sell feels amazing – and that includes our range of beautiful bamboo blankets in Australia.

A Blanket That Is Cosy & Great For The Environment? The Wonder Of Bamboo

Our beautiful Bamboo Blankets are generously sized – big enough to cover a queen-sized bed. They are made with a perfect blend of cotton and bamboo for comfort, and it is weighty enough to give you the ultimate snuggle.

But what makes bamboo so special? It really is the wonder material when it comes to creating all sorts of products, but as a material for clothing and linens, it comes into its own. Firstly – the environment. Bamboo grows quickly, and while it is growing it absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than cotton. Better for air quality and fighting against climate change, bamboo as a crop becomes mature enough for harvest in just three years – so it is easily more sustainable too.

Bamboo is all-natural. Alongside the prolific nature of bamboo, it is also extremely resilient – so no need for pesticides or fertilizers. This means that organic bamboo does not contain any chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic – so is perfect for those with sensitive skin

Our heavyweight, large bamboo blankets are amazing for the environment, but even better for you. We chose to create a blanket that is perfect in any home – whether you want to make the best use of it in bed, or on the sofa – and when you aren’t wrapped up, it looks perfectly stylish draped along the back of a sofa or flung on the bed.

Don’t forget that our blankets made of bamboo are also easy to look after, with really simple care instructions – so your blanket will last for much longer than you might expect.

Buy Your Blankets Made Of Bamboo & Other Materials For Sale Online At A World Of Bamboo

We take pride in sourcing the best bamboo products for our customers, but we also make sure that we offer a wide range of options to suit all styles and budgets – which is why you can choose from other blankets in our range. We think our Faux Fur Blanket offers a great compromise for those who love the style of fur but don’t want to make use of animal products. The front is a beautiful faux fur, with a matching polyester suede backing. Available in both Queen and King size, it is a beautiful, detailed, and designer-led piece of art. For those who love a more rustic design, our Luxury Weave Blanket has a beautiful, knitted design with tassels. Available in charcoal or grey, you can choose single, queen, or king-size to complement your living space.

Buy your bamboo blanket online with us at A World of Bamboo and you too can experience the comfort and coziness for yourself. Read Less

107 reviews for Bamboo Cable Knit Blanket

  1. Joe Smith

    This is the best blanket and the colour and texture is just beautiful. So luxurious and goes great on my couch and also on the bed. I usually keep it on my bed as I use it as a blanket but still looks great as a throw! Postage was okay-no problems there and price VERY reasonable. This is very good quality too and for the price really recommend!

  2. Bozena Ukerbiczesky

    Comfortable and happy with the purchase.

  3. Lily and John

    Beautiful. Love bamboo! We are very happy with our purchase. Thank you A World of Bamboo. L & J

  4. Emma Boveksy

    Wow! I have never had a bamboo towel before. They so soft to the skin and absorbent. I will never go back to cotton towels. Excellent buy! Also great service.

  5. Toni Smartkin

    Most beautiful blanket, is amazing

    Most beautiful blanket, is amazing combination with bamboo sheets , very silky and light and soft. Quite thin so great for warmer climate

  6. Nadia Humminghams

    Gorgeous bamboo blanket. Soft and great feel against my body. Keeps me very cool on these hot summer nights and I can a great night sleep. Terrific service to the staff of A World of Bamboo

  7. Vera J

    Just love this new cable blanket. Great on my skin! So soft, smooth and terrific quality. I am a lover of bamboo products.

  8. Paula Somerton

    Love my purchase of bamboo pillow protector. Thank you for your great service.

  9. Georgia Hassingtons

    Awesome and luxurious blanket. Very cool and soft blanket. Very quick service.

  10. Annie S

    Awesome bamboo blanket. Feels and looks amazing. Great service guys!

  11. Trudy S

    Love my new bamboo cable knit blanket! It is a show piece and quality. Many of my friends comment on my new blanket. My friends are buying this blanket from your website for there bedroom once they saw mine. Absolutely beautiful!

  12. Tracey Powell

    What a gorgeous looking blanket . Very very soft and cool. I am buying for my girlfriend for birthday present because she saw my new blanket and loved it so much. Thank you for very quick service

  13. Sandra W

    Looks awesome and feels fanastic against my skin.Excellent seller.

  14. Josephine Battista

    Wow what a beautiful and luxurious bamboo blanket. Such amazing quality! Great buy

  15. Tori Kensington

    Great product and very quick service. Highly recommend this product.

  16. Lynette M

    Quality product. Will definitely buy from you now the bamboo memory foam pillows.Very quick service.

  17. Margaret Castleton

    Absolutely love this blanket

  18. Natasha T

    Love my new soft bamboo blanket.Very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend to anyone to buy this quality blanket.

  19. Brenda Freeman

    We received our blankets a few days ago and with change of season they have already proven to be a fantastic layer blanket, not to mention how gorgeous they look draped on our beds anyway. Bamboo is absolutely perfect and best of all light weight. Highly recommended. And the colour is stunning. Thanks to A World of Bamboo.

  20. Heather Tomatown

    Amazing quality.Best purchase ever. Now buying more bamboo products from A World of Bamboo

  21. Lori Smarton

    Love it! Truly happy with the purchase.Thank you.

  22. Rosemary Santomanos

    Very very nice quality. I bought this blanket for my daughters who has allergies and she much better. Converting now also to bamboo bed sheets from you.Love your products and service.

  23. Irene Lakik

    Great cool blanket and super quick service.

  24. Georgina Mathews

    LOVE my new bamboo cable blanket. Awesome quality ..

  25. Terry Patterson


  26. Lyn Coates

    Excellent blanket so soft and smooth against your skin. Fanastic for these hot days in summer. The best and looks terrific on my bed.

  27. Mia Prushton

    Love bamboo! This blanket looks FANASTIC on my new couch. By the way your service in delivery was extremely super quick. Very happy!

  28. Kim Cheng

    I am extremely happy with my purchase of this cable knit blanket. Thank you for amazing service Cynthia. Very happy customer!

  29. Erica Smith

    Excellent quality bamboo cable knit blanket. Looks brillant on my bed

  30. Yvonne Simpson

    I am truly expressed with this super quality blanket knit in bamboo.
    You guys provide the best service. So quick in response and super quick with delivery.I will recommend you to anyone who want quality products with exceptional service.

  31. Maryanne Thompson

    Fanastic blanket. Excellent product with stylish to look at. AAA+++

  32. Roberta Mascano

    Excellent bamboo blanket. AAA+++. Super fast service in delivery.

  33. Rosemary Thomas

    I love bamboo products. This blanket is absolutely gorgeous and soft against my body. Looks fanastic also. Great service to A World of Bamboo

  34. Penny Cheng

    Magificient bamboo blanket!

  35. Wendy Worstin

    Gee this blanket looks fanastic and the quality is very soft to touch against your body. SUPER SUPER HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE.

  36. Fiona Johnston

    Excellent product.

  37. Madison McPhee

    Georgeous looking bamboo blanket
    Looks magificient on the bed. Great against the body

  38. Lynette Di Georgio

    I heard so much from my friends on how fanastic bamboo products. Well, I purchased the bamboo cable blanket are it is so cool on these hot summer nights in North Queensland. It looks fanastic on display on my bed

  39. Janet McKay

    Love my bamboo cable knit blanket. Superior quality and looks magificient on my bed.

  40. Angie Diamantis

    Heard so much about how eco friendly bamboo products are. I am essatic with the purchase of this bamboo cable knit blanket. So soft and cosy blanket. Great for the hot summer months because it keeps you so cool and comfortable while you sleep.

  41. Sharon Gould

    This is a really awesome bamboo blanket I purchased from A World of Bamboo. Excellent product.

  42. Evelyn Stonningham

    Beautiful quality cable knit blanket. Looks terrific in my new bedroom suite.

  43. Yvonne Karinski

    Beautiful and delicate this soft amazing bamboo blanket looks on my bed. Beautiful natural product.

  44. Belinda Hardy

    Absolutely beautiful blanket. Your service and delivery is AAAA++++.

  45. Dina Joweski

    Awesome bamboo cable knit blankets. Superb product.

  46. Eva Russell

    Awesome quality blanket

  47. Tania Islam

    This is truly a beautiful cable knit blanket. Extremely happy with the purchase

  48. Ben Roderon

    Beautiful cable knit blanket. So so quick service. Doesn’t get any better than this.

  49. Wendy Walton

    My mother bought this amazing blanket and I saw it and loved it so much. I just bought one for myself. You products are so so good.Very soft and breathable. Anti bacterial. Love your service

  50. Mary Milkton

    Super happy with my great bamboo blanket. Looks terrific and feels amazing against the skin,Excellent product

  51. Bobby Benton

    I was so so impressed with the quality of this bamboo blanket. I am now purchasing the bamboo sheets to compliment the blanket.

  52. Peter Brown

    beautiful blanket with fanastic service.

  53. Barbara Bartlett

    Terrific quality bamboo cable knit blanket. Your service at A World of Bamboo is superior. Love your website.

  54. Davina Maddison

    My blanket arrived safely – how absolutely divine! It feels like my cashmere blanket, as soft as soft, and knowing that it is a natural fibre makes it all the more special


    Very happy with your bamboo cable knit blanket. And looks so nice on my new bed.

  56. Jessie Brownston

    Wonderful product. And excellent service .Can’t get any better than this. AAAAA+++++

  57. Jamie Peterson

    The whole family already has bamboo blankets and we thought we would purchase a couple more as spares, for when we have the kid’s friends or relatives stay over. I recently had my Great Aunt over for the weekend and gave her this bamboo blanket to use. She is truly the fussiest person when it comes to her sleep but after using these bamboo blankets she was so impressed that she purchased some of her own and got rid of all her cotton blankets. This made our weekend so much more pleasant too because she didn’t complain!”

  58. Natalie Saunders

    I bought this blanket has I was highly recommend by a friend of mine who bought from your website. I am truly delighted with this blanket. so comfortable and soft and keeps in cool on these hot nights. Great product.

  59. Brenda

    Feels amazing to sleep on. so so soft and cool on these hot summer nights in Northern Territory

  60. Brenda McNugent

    This is magificient blanket, LOVE the design and so soft and cool to sleep on these hot summer days.

  61. Cheryl McKinnon

    This bamboo cable blanket is so so soft, comfortable and really beautiful looking blanket. Love my new purchase. Thank you guys!

  62. Pam Peterson

    Feel super soft and love the texture and comfort. Magificient blanket displayed on my new bed. Heaps of compliments I get from this blanket/throw.

  63. Melissa Paulson


  64. Tammy Benston

    Great bamboo blanket because I DONT SWEAT at night and softness against my sensitive skin has being solved by using 100% eco friendly natural product.

  65. Sharma Ali

    Does the job and looks awesome. Service is super fast


    Gorgeous bamboo cable blanket. Extremely happy with my purchase last week made with A World of Bamboo

  67. Alison Moreton

    Truly a gorgeous cable knit blanket. Very happy with my new blanket. Thank you to A World of Bamboo for there amazing service.

  68. Sammy Blossyn

    Couldn’t be any happier with super quality bamboo cable blanket. FANASTIC VALUE!

  69. Lauren Dickson

    Excellent product. Service is extraordinary and amazing!

  70. Rose Brownston

    Fanastic quality cable knit blanket. Looks awesome and so so soft against my skin. Excellent product.

  71. Wendy Weng

    Love this amazing bamboo blanket I bought from your website. The quality is excellent for such affordable price. Extremely happy customer

  72. Heather Amine

    Absolutely beautiful quality bamboo cable blanket. Exactly as per description and I truly love this soft and gorgeous blanket.
    Highly recommend to any new customer. Super fast service also.

  73. Caroline Parkes

    Beautiful and soft quality blanket. Excellent product. AAAA+++ seller

  74. Margaret McLean

    Magificient quality blanket. Super super happy with my new purchase from A World of Bamboo

  75. Irwin McCloud

    Excellent blanket. Great to look at and does the job in heat and cold nights.

  76. Terry Mcpherson

    Absolutely beautiful knitted bamboo cable blanket. Bought for my new bedroom. Looks amazing on

  77. Angela Diamantis

    Super nice bamboo blanket. Love it so so much. Looks terrific on the bed.

  78. Penny Brownslow

    Wow delighted with this magificient bamboo blanket. Highly recommend to any new customer in the market wanting TOP quality and very affordable price for quality product

  79. Krystal S

    Wow this bamboo cable blanket absolutely gorgeous. Fanastic quality for the such price. Truly happy.

  80. Jenny Trip

    Love my purchase of this magificient blanket. AAAA++++seller

  81. Shelly Jones

    Amazing products at very affordable prices. Customer service is excellent.

  82. Yvonne Karpksi

    Really super bamboo cable. Looks really lovely on my bed. Thank you for your great service Cynthia

  83. Emily Austen

    Wow love my bamboo cable blanket. Quality plus and looks gorgeous on my bed.Thank you so much

  84. Ben Rider

    Terrific product. Excellent and quick service

  85. Emily Bronston

    Really gorgeous bamboo cable knit blanket. so so soft and beautiful texture feel around your skin.

  86. Emma Jones

    Really really beautiful blanket. I love the quality. its amazing. Highly recommend to any new customers wanting quality

  87. John McCarthy

    Fanastic product. Brought because my sister bought one for her guests room and she raved how beautiful and soft the blanket is. Truly is a wonderful product.

  88. Rosie Magieru

    Gorgeous bamboo blanket. Really really quality.

  89. Linda Meek

    Terrific quality bamboo cable blanket. Love my new purchase. Definitely will buy more products from your website. Your super quick service is excellent

  90. Brenda Coultson

    Excellent quality blanket. Super happy with my purchase. Buying some clothing accessories such leggings and underwear. Cant wait to get them

  91. Mrs Wendy Worden

    Wow love it! Amazing quality blanket and magificient service. Super quick delivery!

  92. Fiona McCarthy

    Love it! great seller and super quick delivery. cant ask for more!

  93. Georgia Marcell

    Excellent quality blanket. Super happy with my new purchase. Buying your bamboo bed sheets now . Cant wait for the delivery to come.

  94. James McCaughty

    love it! Highly recommend to any new customer who wants excellent product and steal in price

  95. Doris Meadows

    Absolutely gorgeous bamboo blanket. Very affordable for such quality. Highly recommend to any new customers

  96. Catherine Gilson-Ginn

    Truly a quality product. Being looking for such a long time and eventually found it. Wow just magificient blanket.

  97. Jenny Tripp

    Absolutely a beautiful bamboo blanket. Truly delighted with my new purchase. buying now the bed sheets cant waIt!

  98. Vera Jeffs

    Just received in the mail for Christmas. Just loved it!

  99. Pamela Smitherson

    Magifiicent quality bamboo cable blanket I purchased from this website. super cool to sleep on these hot days and nights.

  100. Patrick McNaughton

    Magificient bamboo cable knit blanket I purchased from this website. Super quick service. Can’t wait to receive my new order of bamboo bed sheets.

  101. Doris Borriston

    Fanastic quality blanket. Super quick service and delivery. AAAA++++seller

  102. Lisa Drysdale

    A wonderful online store. High quality products, prompt dispatch, and absolutely amazing customer service. Highly recommend A World of Bamboo. Definitely my store of choice for bamboo products.

  103. Sabrina Kelly

    Wow this truly amazing quality bamboo blanket. I truly love it!

  104. Jeanne Brown

    Truly magificient quality. Super happy with my purchase

  105. Jane Michellson

    Wow absolutely gorgeous blanket. Best buy ever! Highly recommend to any new customer wanting a quality, breathable, natural, chemical free and affordable product.

  106. Mrs Wendy Worden

    I bought a queen bamboo blanket, it’s so beautiful, very soft and warm, well finished. When I need another blanket, I’ll definitely be buying another one of these.
    I am happy to support local Aussie businesses that produce such quality products.

  107. Jean Hughes

    Absolutely beautiful. Lovely and warm without being heavy. A perfect addition to my collection.

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