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Bamboo Luxury Mattress Protector



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Protect your mattress with this Bamboo Mattress Protector filled with silk adding even more comfort and protection to your mattress. The outer sheet is 100% bamboo (weight: 153gsm), and the inside filler is 100% silk (weight: 55gsm). This mattress protector will transform your nights in a way you never even thought possible. You finally have the chance to enjoy that peaceful night’s sleep! Below are some amazing aspects about our bamboo mattress protector:

  • Bamboo is three times more absorbent than cotton and draws moisture away from you while you sleep, allowing you to remain cool, dry and luxuriously comfortable all night long.
  • It is breathable; it allows you to enjoy a cool and comfortable night sleep and provides a more hygienic environment.
  • Bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial making this mattress protector suitable for use even by those with the most sensitive skin.
  • Feels soft against the skin providing you with utmost comfort as you enjoy your sleep.
  • It is machine washable

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Queen size: 153cm x 203cm x 40cm

King size: 183cm x 203cm x 40cm

Care instructions:

  • Wash your bamboo mattress protector in cold water ONLY. We know it’s hard to imagine that cold water is effective, however due to the clean nature of the bamboo fabric, there is no need to use warmer water.
  • Be fussy about your bamboo mattress protector when share the washing machine with. It’s preferable to wash the mattress protector ALONE, however if they do have to share, ensure its only with other delicate fabrics and like colours.
  • Use delicate or eco-friendly laundry detergent. Never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brightness or fabric softeners. These products will break down the composition of the bamboo fabric and they won’t last as long.
  • Line-drying is preferable


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63 reviews for Bamboo Luxury Mattress Protector

  1. Sam Stone

    Bought this last week and came within two days. Very impressed with the protector and bamboo. This was my first order of bamboo so I am very content with this. It is amazing on my skin! Definitely would recommend. As per description

  2. Martha Lowe

    Excellent product. I have bought four already. Great service together with a quality product. Cant get any better.

  3. Heather Brown

    I am so so happy with the purchase I recently made from A world of Bamboo. Quality, luxury and affordable price for this amazing mattress protector. Cannot get any better. Definitely buy more products from this supplier. Fast delivery and great customer service.

  4. Josephine Battista

    Very nice mattress protector. Top range product. Worth every cent for the quality I bought. Very hard to find on market good quality mattress protectors but A World of Bamboo gave me a excellent product to buy.

  5. Margaret Coleman

    I love this product. As an overlay to our tempur mattress, this has addressed the heat issues from the mattress and has provided a great night’s sleep. I would recommend this mattress protector/topper to anyone.

  6. Joan O’Shaunsenny

    Super fast response time and delivery next day. Product looks great. Happy!

  7. Julie Harshman

    Super fast response time and delivery next day. Product looks great. Happy!

  8. Pamela Torrison

    Love the quality of my new bamboo mattress protector. Cannot get any better than this- 100% bamboo and 100% silk filling.

    OMG sleeping in heaven. Getting the best night sleeps now.

  9. Kathleen Lang

    Awesome bamboo mattress protector with silk filling. The best night sleep ever on this top quality product.

  10. Vinnie Thomson

    Great quality product which gives me the best night sleep ever on bamboo mattress protector. I ALSO purchased the bamboo bed sheets are so soft and silky smooth. Wow bamboo is a great product has it is very antibacterial and chemical free. EXTREMELY HAPPY with my two new purchases made from A World of Bamboo

  11. Jo Mentson

    Very happy with my quality bamboo mattress protector.Thank you to all the staff at A World of Bamboo for there exceptional service.

  12. Heather Somers

    Love the quality. Very happy with the service given when I made enquiries about the product.

  13. Owen Piperton

    Awesome mattress protector. Once I put your mattress protector on my bed, I am sleeping every night. Definitely its the bamboo mattress protector giving me quality sleep without waking up during the night.

  14. Trevor Grant

    Terrific product. Great night sleeps now

  15. Eliza Summerston

    Terrific product. Highly recommend to anyone this premium quality to buy from this website.

  16. Alex Nelson

    Magificient mattress protector. Never slept so well since I purchased this bamboo with silk mattress protector

  17. Ivana Patterson

    This is truly a quality mattress protector I have bought. Super soft and comfortable. Thank you so much.

  18. Wendy Sun

    Fanastic quality purchased. Super quick service!

  19. Jessica Carrington

    Awesome quality mattress protector. Super soft and excellent night sleep. My friends are having house warming party and buying a queen size to give has a gift.

  20. Barbara Pennyson

    Wow this is a fanastic product. Super happy customer.

  21. Martha Pepperson

    Magificient quality mattress protector I purchased from you guys. Very happy customer.

  22. Mary McKenzie

    Truly excellent product with exceptional service to go with it.

  23. Wendy Patterson

    Awesome product. Beautiful and soft to sleep on.

  24. Jane Maddison

    These bamboo mattress is so soft and comfortable. Best buy for new customers wanting a top quality product.

  25. Nicole Barlett

    It’s everything it claims to be. Love it. GREAT INVESTMENT

  26. Sally MacBeth

    Excellent product.Cant get any better than this. I am truly delighted with my new bamboo mattress protector.

  27. Lynette coolins

    Extremely happy with my pillow protector. So soft and comfortable. Sleeping so well now that I have invested in this mattress protector.

  28. Tracey Patterson

    Super quality product. AAA+++

  29. Cori T

    Excellent product.

  30. Owen Browston

    Super delighted with my new bamboo mattress protector. Such a beautiful nature product and I don’t suffer from skin rashes any more. Buying more in my cart with clothing accessories now.

  31. Betty Davidson

    My doctor highly recommended me to buy a bamboo mattress protector with silk filling has I have very bad skin condition. This is my savour! I will now fill up the cart with bamboo bedsheets, pillow protectors, knitted blanket. Worth every cent buying good quality products which have resolved my skin condition

  32. Tracey Killington

    I am impressed with the quality of the silk mattress protectors,the good fitting on the bed.Thank you for your excellent product!

  33. Donna Preston

    Superb quality Mattress protector. I am truly delighted with this new bamboo protector. Buying the bamboo pillow protector now to compliment my mattress.

  34. Janine Levine

    read all your review about this product. Truly and satisfied with this awesome mattress protector

  35. Penny Jones

    WOW amazing quality. Best night sleep ever! Want to put an order now for the bamboo bed sheets. Great products and your service is amazing.

  36. Jill Lavine

    Love it! Am so pleased that it can so easily be washed and dried! Will probably get another one for the spare bed!!

  37. Nancy Pepipo

    Magificient quality. So so nice to sleep on. Excellent service delivered from A World of Bamboo

  38. Danni McCloudson

    Really awesome mattress protector. Cant get any better than this is quality. 100% bamboo and 100% silk filling. Happy customer. Thank you for the excellent advice and exceptional service to A World of bamboo

  39. Pam Cummingham

    Magificient quality bamboo mattress protector

  40. Bennie Lopez

    Love it. GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT.Couldnt be any happier with my 100% bamboo mattress protector with silk filling. Best quality ever had

  41. Dean McCauthery

    Excellent service. Thankyou

  42. Kelly Searchfield

    This is absolutely amazing quality of bamboo mattress protector. Essatic with my new purchase. Definitely 100% eco friendly. Highly recommend to any new customers wanting to purchase a truly high grade product.

  43. Terry Bramichi

    Wow such a fanastic product. Really eco friendly product. I cant simply say how happy I am on this purchase. Buying your bamboo bed sheets and pillows. Highly recommend to any new customer in the market for a top quality product.

  44. Sam Newtown

    Heard so much about this mattress protector from my friend and I purchased also a new mattress and this mattress protector is divine.Super soft, comfortable and keeps me warm. Best product ever. Highly recommend to any customers in the market for a new bamboo mattress protector with added 1200% silk. Cant get any better than this

  45. Joanna Davidson

    This magificient bamboo mattress protector is not bulky, fits well over very deep mattress and is super quiet. Bamboo fitted sheet also plenty of depth which is so hard to find and the feel of the sheet is wonderful.

  46. Ronnie Brownston

    Excellent quality quilt. Truly a quality product.

  47. Rosie Brown

    Awesome quality product. Love it.

  48. Gemma Liebe

    Wow this is magificient quality bamboo mattress protector. Just love it. Super super quality. Highly recommend to any new customer

  49. Pam Utterley

    Excellent product.AAA+++ seller

  50. Heather McCaughtly

    Truly an excellent product. Money well spent. Highly recommend to any new customer on the market wanting to purchase a high quality product.

  51. Doris Bevetton

    Super quality bamboo mattress protector. Bought for my mum for birthday present and she was truly delighted with the quality and comfort on the mattress protection.

  52. Terri Brown

    Wow love it. Super comfortable and cool in summer and warmer in winter

  53. Joan McCaully

    mattress protector is not bulky, fits well over very deep mattress and is super comfortable. Bamboo fitted sheet also plenty of depth which is so hard to find and the feel of the sheet is wonderful. Very luxury product.

  54. Joanna Mills

    Brilliant!! So soft and smooth, really enhances the comfort of your sleep.

  55. Giueseppina Mascati

    Top quality mattress protector and well fitting, comfortable and easy care. Super happy with my new purchase from A World of Bamboo. Now investing in the bamboo bed sheets cant wait to receive them.

  56. Emily Austen

    great company to do business with and a very good product.Super happy with my new order from A World of Bamboo

  57. Siena Briowoin

    I recently purchased this product as I was drawn to the materials used to make the mattress protector. I’m impressed with the quality of the mattress protector durable, breathable and sits securely on the mattress.
    I have already recommended this to friends and family.

  58. Kasey McCaughty

    We got this mattress protector as it was the most sustainable one we could find but my goodness! Sustainable did not draw from quality. It’s so soft and silky, has made my sheets feel more taught and added that hint of luxury. Very impressed!

  59. Evelyn Jamieson

    Oh wow, super comfortable. Its like sleeping in heaven. Thank you to A World of Bamboo for once again to super quick delivery!

  60. Marianne Kelly

    Excellent quality product. Super happy with my purchase

  61. Jessica kruk

    Great product, love how this fits the bed perfectly. It wonderful to sleep in thank you

  62. Elizabeth Morgan

    I was very impressed by this silky soft bamboo mattress protector! Absolutely perfect for keeping you cool and letting you sleep during Adelaide’s hot summer nights. I researched this mattress protector thoroughly before buying and it was well worth every cent.

  63. Rosemary Davey

    Wow this is truly top of the range product. Love the quality and softness and it so so breathable. Super affordable and can’t ask for anymore. Buying now the bamboo pillow protectors. Cant wait for your super fast delivery.

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