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Every table needs placemats, whether its for that outdoor barbeque, you have guests over or in general just want to sit down and eat dinner without the mess, these are perfect for you. These placements are great to store, as they are flexible and easily rollable. Not only are these a trendy design and great colour that goes with any table but they also won’t leave your table in a mess-which means less work for you! Read More

4pcs / 30*45cm
Material: Bamboo

Best Bamboo Placemats Australia Wide

A World of Bamboo is an Australian company with family at the heart. We love providing you with earth loving bamboo products that you can use every day. As well as its endless natural advantages, bamboo is also a tough and long lasting fibre, meaning that you will be able put down your bamboo placemats time and again, both indoor and outdoor.

We transport these premium, plant based table toppers all across Australia with free delivery when you spend $150. Our main principle is to spread the incredible positives of natural materials and bring the wholesome goodness of bamboo to Australia’s homes. You can easily purchase our wonderful bamboo placements online with the option of Afterpay and zip services too.

Looking to Spruce up Your Dining Area with Bamboo Table Placemats?

This basic, bamboo household item is a typical part of the pre-mealtime ritual. Each day we lay the table with mats, knives and forks. We place down salads, the accompanying dressings, relishes and jugs of water. On special occasions, there are the fancy dinner sets, something bubbly and pretty napkins. For birthdays there are balloons, banners and party whistles. Yet, the mats are the constant mainstays of the table and not only do they protect it, they also dress it and become a part of our preparation traditions.

Then, of course, there is all the tidying away. Placemats made of bamboo are easy to clean, fold up and put away ready for the next meal. No scratches, wear and tear, dampness or flimsiness. Our design is simple and hearty yet, tropical and fresh. Whether you need a neutral backdrop for your sublimely presented fine dining dishes or want to invite friends and family over for a chilled out BBQ, our bamboo placemats look the part.

As well as their appealing aesthetic our offerings are incredibly ecofriendly, sustainable and chemical free. In fact, this durable plant doesn’t require any pesticides to grow abundantly. It is also antibacterial so there will be no harbouring of nasty germs or odours.

Buy Bamboo Placemats From a Company That Cares

We are very passionate about what we do and always strive for unmatched brilliance when it comes to the quality of our bamboo. Given that we are a family business we also understand the desire to run environmentally conscious homes to teach the next generations the importance of sustainability. Nothing brings us greater joy than being able to provide others with the power of this fantastic fibre.

If you would like to learn more about our products, shipping and return policies do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can leave us a message on our contact page or send us an email whenever you like. Be sure to check us out on social media to see all our latest updates too. Remember that you’ll get 10% off with our sign up offer as well! So, what are you waiting for? Order our bamboo placemats so that mealtimes will be as healthy, clean and earth friendly as possible. Read Less

3 reviews for Bamboo Placemats

  1. Jazzy

    Not bad for the price-pretty good. Love the texture, fits in well with our tropical style home up inQueensland so thanks!

  2. Sal

    Great, perfect placemats. Received fast and was packed very nicely.

  3. Pamela Jones

    Terrific bamboo placemats

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