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Bamboo silk quilt is the way of the future! Quilters are now very interested in using products that are produced mindful of our beautiful earth. It is for this reason that we present you with this remarkable bamboo quilt. What makes this bamboo silk quilt great?

  • The quilt is hypoallergenic, breathable and natural antibacterial making it perfect for use even by those with the most sensitive and delicate skin
  • The natural bamboo fibre is naturally inhospitable to creatures such as bedbugs, dust mites, and microbes
  • The quilt will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer; it is ideal for use all through the year
  • The natural odour resistant properties of bamboo fibre prevents this quilt to stay clean and fresh for longer.
  • It is machine washable

Our bamboo silk quilt covers are the perfect bedding option available. We offer free shipping and customer satisfaction is our first priority. Place your order today!


Single: 140 x 210 cm

Double: 180 x 210 cm

Queen: 210 x 210 cm

King: 240 x 210 cm

Composition: 100% bamboo casing and 100% silk filling


Care instructions:

  • Wash in cold water only
  • If machine-washed, do not wash together with rough fabrics
  • Use delicate or eco-friendly laundry detergent
  • Do not use bleach, optical brighteners, or fabric softeners
  • Line-drying is preferable
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Single, Double, Queen, King

82 reviews for Bamboo Silk Quilt

  1. Silvia and Pablo

    Couldn’t get a better quality of a bamboo quilt with silk-that is the best of the best! We absolutely adore it! Money well spent!

  2. Jennifer

    Very nice product. Very comfortable and feels great on my skin!

  3. Deborah Warwick

    This is the best quality. Fanastic to the skin has I suffer allergies. Delivery was sent the next day. Great seller!

  4. Josephine Pino

    I just love this quality 100% bamboo quilt with 100% silk filling. Best buy ever made.

  5. Maria Zanardo

    I so so happy with my purchase of bamboo mattress protector with silk filling. It cant get any better quality than this. I am buying another one for my sister in law a present.Great service guys!

  6. Tamara Cunningham

    Beautiful quilt!! I got the winter weight and living in a mediterranean climate (winter nights rarely getting colder than 4 degrees celcius) it is perfect for me. I should say also that I don’t have heating in my bedroom. I wake up every morning feeling cosy but not stuffy. The quilt is soft and breathable.Quality product!

  7. Tessa Wollan

    Bought pillows and a quilt from A World of Bamboo a year ago and happy to report that I still love both products. Lovely and soft, guarantees a good nights sleep. In this years order is a quilt ordered for my Son.

  8. Kim T

    Thank you Cynthia, our beautiful doona arrived within the week. Fanastic night sleep. Very quick service.

  9. Tonie Pepas

    Cant any better quality than bamboo and silk. Truly delighted with my purchase. Highly recommend to any who loves quality and appreciate quality lifestyle.

  10. Lori Marcellino

    The bamboo quilt is a beautiful product and a pleasure to sleep under. It is lightweight and perfect for warm spring nights in the tropics. .Its perfect for all year round. No more sweating, you can feel the quality. LOVE it!

  11. Jenny Coleman

    We love this quilt it is so warm and feels great AAA

  12. Heather Tarum

    Love the quality of my new bamboo quilt! Unbelievable quality. Get spent money. Highly recommend the product to shoppers who value quality and comfort.

  13. Mary Worlton

    Gorgeous quilt I have purchased from A World of Bamboo. Very warm, soft against the skin. Money well invested. Thank you.

  14. Nicole Coleman

    Love it! Great quality and amazing super fast service from A World of Bamboo

  15. Barbara Mills

    Just love my new quality quilt. Thank you for your great service. Amazing service guys!

  16. Gemma Digiglio

    Could make a better purchase. Bamboo is such awesome product. Natural and great against your skin. Best buy. Thank you so much to A World of Bamboo. Buy the mattress protector now.

  17. Jill Bolton

    Awesome quality. So happy with the purchase I made from you guys. Your service is amazing. Very helpful and super quick delivery

  18. Sam Roselton

    Terrific bamboo quilt. Getting a great night sleep. So soft and warm.

  19. Geraldton Newton

    Love my new quilt. So soft and warm against my body. Looking for a very long time to purchase this type of bamboo quilt. Great investment. Very satisified customer

  20. Joan Battington

    Worth every cent! Best quality every. ALSO Terrific service.

  21. Juliana Paperton

    Terrific bamboo quilt. Very light but keeps you extremely warm. Trying your bamboo pillows now to complete my bedroom. Happy customer!

  22. Gina Toppolino

    Love my new bamboo quilt

  23. Ombline Taylor

    Fanastic quality product. Super fast service

  24. Jane Terrison

    Super happy with my new bamboo quilt

  25. Lynette Morrison

    Truly and extremely awesome bamboo quilt with silking filling I have bought from this website. It is so light and comfortable.. So soft against your skin

  26. Rosie elpington

    QUALITY product. So light and warm to sleep in and in summer keeps me cool. Excellent service from A World of Bamboo.

  27. toni Bolton

    Awesome product. So soft and comfortable. Excellent product. We suffer from heat in Queensland and this bamboo quilt is perfect to sleep on.

  28. Lynette Samson

    Wow never slept in such soft luxurious quilt before. Highly recommend this product to any new buyers. Super great service from Cynthia.Thank you so much .

  29. Tania Soccia

    I have never slept so well after I purchased this bamboo quilt with silk..Omg the best for a great night sleep

  30. Tracey Fullerton

    Excellent quilt. Never had such amazing quality before has a quilt. Worth every penny! AAA+++
    Very quick service

  31. Georgina Nirsin

    These quilt is the best ever purchased. So soft and light against your skin. Cannot get any better. Highly recommend to customers on this high quality quilt.

  32. Patricia Cerin

    Fanastic quality product. Very quick service also.
    AAAA++++ seller

  33. Emma Oostryck

    Excellent quilt. So soft and cosy and keeps me warm in winter and very cool in summer. The best buy ever.

  34. Tracey Joanethan

    Best quilt to sleep is truly fanastic. Excellent night sleep. Very soft and cozy.Cynthia had given excellent service.

  35. Jenny McDonaldson

    Love my new bamboo quilt. So soft and silky smooth. Excellent product

  36. Tamara Battista

    Once again a quick, easy and perfect shopping experience, thank you.

  37. Mary Buzzino

    Great quality product. Super happy with my purchase and service received.

  38. Gina Di Gemmo

    Wow great for my body has I suffer from allergies. It has now completely controlled my sensitive skin problems. I can a good night sleep

  39. Perry Guildson

    Love my new quality cosy quilt. Fanastic against my skin.

  40. Tara Wellington

    Love my new bamboo quilt. So soft and cosy!

  41. Julia Sineltone

    This most gorgeous quilt I have ever bought. So soft and silky and warm. Great investment for such a natural eco friendly product

  42. Meghan Turnbull

    Excellent product. Extremely happy with the very quick delivery

  43. Everyln Tarrington

    Magificient quality quilt. I waited so so long to buy this quilt, and I am extremely happy with my new purchase

  44. Evana Petersen

    Superior quality quilt. Super comfotable and warm and light on my body.super fast service

  45. Nadia Grassa

    Wow great quality quilt. I am fascinated by the durable and quality of bamboo products. Again another excellent product

  46. Christine Mondalto

    Terrific quality. Couldn’t be any happier with this wonderful quality silk. I suffer from allergies and this solved my problem with my skin rashes.

  47. Kim Bassington

    Great product. It solved my elzeminar problems. The product is soft and light and warm but no more problems.

  48. Benny Donaldson

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Will definitely be buying more products from your website. Buying now the cable knit blanket. So happy with my purchase.

  49. Josie Caruso

    Wow this is amazing quality.Could nt be any happier with my purchase. Get beautiful sleeps now!Filling my cart with your cool gel pillows for myself and husband.

  50. Nadia Grasso

    Super comfortable and so light on your body. My allergies have gone. Thank you to A World of Bamboo

  51. Tamie Preston

    This is absolutely fanastic for my skin allergies that I suffer from. The problem has gone away due to using this bamboo quilt. Purchasing now the bed sheets to complete my bed with.

  52. Tania Islam

    Love this bamboo quilt. No more skin allergies once starting using this quilt. Magificient. Buying the bamboo sheets next in my cart

  53. Tyron Grasso – Nadia Kline

    Super brilliant quilt

  54. Mathew Brownston

    Great quality quilt. Just love it because I have such sensitive skin and this is the best thing out for me. Eco friendly 100% bamboo casing and silk is truly the best. Excellent buy for a magificient product.

  55. Perry Anderson

    EXCELLENT quality quilt. Cant get any better than this quilt. Money well spent. Thank you to A World of Bamboo for your exceptional service

  56. Amanda Jones

    Wow I love my new quilt which I bought from A World of Bamboo. Filling now my cart with bamboo bed sheets. Cant wait to sleep on.

  57. Jan Peterson

    Love this quilt for my sensitive skin I have. Now it has solved my skin issues. Super happy to resolve my skin problems.

  58. Rosie Tanto

    SUPER happy with my gorgeous quality quilt.

  59. Kim Jones

    Love my new bamboo silk quilt . Super soft, comfortable and light weighted.

  60. Rosie Patterson

    Very happy with this beautiful quality quilt. The service was exceptionally brilliant. Super fast service also.

  61. Dina Zanarato

    all my skin allergies have gone since using my new eco friendly quilt. Over the moon with happiness. Buying the bed sheets 100% now and mattress protector.

  62. Kimberley McKey

    Unbelievably awesome. Something so light could be so warm. Love love bamboo!!!

  63. Yvonnie Batten

    Its the first time we’ve ever had bamboo sheets and i can 110% say its the best ever decision we made! With temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius these are a bloody life saver! Highly recommend and will be definitely buy more 100% bamboo sheets in the future!

  64. Heather McCloud

    Excellent product. Amazing service, super quick.

  65. Vera Verano

    SUPER SUPER MAGIFICIENT quilt. Can’t get any better than this quilt. Great for my sensitive skin. No longer a problem with this quilt. Buying the bed sheets to compliment my bed.

  66. Pamela Peterson

    Excellent product.AAAA++++seller

  67. Pam Smithfield

    GORGEOUS quilt . Great for my skin allergies. Solved my problems. Thank you so much .My savour!

  68. Patrick McCaughton

    Magificient quality!!!

  69. Irwin Grosso

    Absolutely fanastic quality product. Super warm and light. Cant get any better than this. Highly recommend to any new customer on the market for quality bamboo quilt with silk filling

  70. Ben Simpson

    Awesome bamboo quilt.It has solved my sensitive skin issues. Best buy ever!! Thank you to A World Of Bamboo

  71. Marcia Brownston

    Love my new top quality quilt. Its truly amazing feel against your body.

  72. Toni Scemberi

    Super warm and light which makes a really wonderful quality quilt. Solved my skin issues and get a terrific night sleep. Thank you guys!

  73. Sheree Arcuri

    Excellent product for this amazing eco friendly quilt. Cannot get any better than this

  74. Patty McKenzie

    Excellent product. Terrific for my sensitive skin. Resolved all problems and get a great night sleep. Your service is divine.Many thanks. My cart is now filling up with the 100% bamboo bed sheets. Cant wait to receive them.

  75. Eva Dawson

    Wow this is truly a magificient quilt . Very light and warm. Best buy ever! Thank you to A World of Bamboo for excellent service.

  76. Georgia Brownston

    Wow love the quality of this quilt. Cant get any better than this. I bought your bamboo bed sheets last month and truly delighted with the texture and quality of this product also. Extremely happy customer

  77. Doris McArthur

    Terrific quality quilt. Being looking for such a long time and finally found exactly what I was after. The service is exceptional at A World of Bamboo

  78. Heather Oates

    Oh wow this is truly a fanastic and soft and cozy quilt for all year round. Love it! Buying now the quilt cover and the bamboo bed sheets. Truly excellent product

  79. Brent Carroll

    Absolutely a quality quilt. Essatic with my new purchase

  80. Doris Venting

    Wow this is super soft against the skin and light on the body but does the job it should. Excellent product.

  81. Terry Mcpherson

    Wow magificient quality this quilt. Super light, soft and warm. The best buy ever!

  82. Natasha T

    Truly magificent quality product! Top of the range product. Very reasonable price for the such a great quality

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