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Bamboo Womens Underwear



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An amazingly hot and indisputable modern daily wear for the elegant modern woman

The Bamboo women’s underwear is one of the most innovative yet stylish pieces of  the bamboo world creation that will intrigue the modern woman and leave her with that gorgeous feminine feeling enough to brighten up her day as she looks forward to enjoying the special moments that each day has to offer. Designed with the ever changing needs of the modern classy and outgoing woman in mind, the bamboo briefs will not fall short of your expectations as they will provide just the right amount of coverage, stay in place while you’re moving or sitting still and at the same time ensure your skin is breathing freely. These special, modern and unique briefs are crafted from real eco bamboo fibre that ensures comfort and protection from fibre related allergies. The briefs come in a number of bright and romantic colours that compliment any choice of your everyday wear to ensure everyday is a feel good day. The incredible bamboo underwear design ensures a flattering fit to cap the modern day feminine look and a soft smooth touch against any skin type. All this comfort style and charm is just the tip of an Iceberg, the bamboo kickers are available for the best price you can imagine, wait did I say best? I think the price of this amazing masterwork is a bargain. Trust me you won’t even realise you just replaced all your briefs with the ever incredible bamboo briefs.

Colours: Black, Pink and Cream
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X- Large
Unit Packing: Colour box
Material: Bamboo fibre

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black, Pink, Cream

52 reviews for Bamboo Womens Underwear

  1. Maria Zanardo

    Hey there. You have a fantastic product or should I say products. I bought a few packets for myself, my daughter and my mother and law and all had very positive feedback- very comfortable and very breathable. Thank you kindly, I will be putting in more orders soon! Also very quick service/postage. I have bought bamboo before from other online shops and this is by far the BEST online bamboo retailer as prices are extremely affordable.

  2. Sally Mac

    I am very impressed with the service I received, fast delivery and undies are silky smooth!

  3. April C

    Best undies I have tried. There not super trendy but their really comfortable which counts more. Just plain colours I like 🙂

  4. Steph Miller

    Great for my sensitive skin!

  5. Karen

    Nice undies! Fast shipping A+++ SERVICE

  6. Cindy Lou

    I love bamboo undies my whole family are hooked on them! these are great-thanks

  7. Amanda Jones

    What amazing quality! SO SO BREATHABLE.Just love them!

  8. Wendy Yong

    So comfortable and soft. Best underwear ever bought!

  9. Angela Diamantis

    These are amazing – so comfortable and so breathable – you must try them!!!!!

  10. Candice

    So so comfortable and breathable.It the best underwear I have ever bought. Highly recommend to anyone who would love to try bamboo product with comfortable.Very good quality for this affordable price.

  11. Julia Tingleton

    Love these knickers! They fit well and feel great. Highly recommend them

  12. John Thompson

    My wife loves them so hopefully have converted her to the Bamboo style. Healthy product. Now my wife has ordered more for herself and for our two teenager daughters.

  13. Tamara Thomas

    GEE these bamboo underwear are truly so comfortable and you feel terrific on. Very breathable! Buying for gifts now for my married daughters. Very quick service from a world of bamboo.

  14. Jean Anterson

    Really comfortable bamboo underwear. Very breathable product. Buying now for the rest of my girls at home. Top service with delivery

  15. Tamie U

    Great product. Never had such comfortable underwear before like these bamboo underwear. Breathable and quality. Super quick service.

  16. Shiela Upworth

    Love them. These are best product I have ever purchased in underwear. So comfortable and breathable. I bought for travel on a long flight to Europe. I heard from a friend of mine who bought from A World of Bamboo. Great buy from a great referral.

  17. Indiana Plapperton

    So comfortable and breathable underwear. I have never had some wonderful underwear where they are so comfortable and keep me cool in summer and the days are getting colder keeps me warmer. Great investment on anyone who wants value for there money.

  18. Tracey T

    Truly love the quality and comfort of these bamboo underwear. We now stock up with all this product and finally say goodbye to cotton. Great for a healthy life!

  19. Sophie Penno

    Love my new bamboo underwear. So comfortable and soft against my skin. Also keeps me nice and warm and don’t even feel you have any on. Changing now all my clothing accessories to bamboo. Great and very quick service.

  20. Natalie Pepperton

    Love the design and feel on. You don’t know you are wearing any underwear. So breathable. Stocking up now on your bamboo underwear. Best underwear I have ever purchased.

  21. Barbara Smitheron

    Truly love the quality of the bamboo underwear I purchased from your website. Great service guys. Thank you once again.

  22. Wendy Chen

    Very good quality ladies underwear. Very very happy.

  23. Tina Rossetta

    Oh wow! Best buy ever. So so comfortable. Very happy with the undies. Highly recommended to all my friends and family about the quality and service you provided.

  24. Tori Pattinson

    I was recommended by a friend to buy these bamboo underwear. She raved on how comfortable they are. I am Super happy with the product. Highly recommend to anyone these fanastic quality underwear.

  25. Raelene W

    Oh wow these the best underwear ever purchased. So so happy

  26. Tamara Cornington

    Super comfortable are these bamboo underwear. Magificient quality. Highly recommend to all customers these bamboo underwear.

  27. Mara Bryston

    Highly recommend these bamboo underwear. Never had such comfortable underwear. So soft and comfortable. Great product for eco friendly product

  28. Vera Patterson

    Excellent bamboo underwear. So soft and breathable. Best underwear ever purchased.

  29. Jodie Nelson

    super soft and comfortable love these bamboo underwear. They are the best!

  30. Terry Dobson

    Highly recommend these awesome bamboo ladies underwear to new customers. Great quality product

  31. Heather McGower

    Beautiful quality bamboo underwear I bought from A World of Bamboo. Super comfortable and breathable underwear

  32. Sharon Lindson

    Super comfortable and breathable these underwear are. Throwing out all the rest of crap underwear I have of cotton and buying quality for my health being

  33. Audrey McPherson

    Love them!

  34. Tamara McFinlay

    Awesome quality bamboo underwear I purchased from you guys. Could nt be any happier with softness and comfort. They are truly breathable. Buying heaps more!

  35. Caroline Parkes

    These briefs are lovely, very good fitting (the size was appropriate) and you hardly know you have them on. Very happy with my purchase. They were well packed and delivered in a timely matter. Thank you.

  36. Carly Bonnieston

    They are perfect I will be making another purchase in the next couple of days

  37. Martha McLean

    Beautiful quality bamboo underwear. Best eco friendly underwear ever had for comfort and softness

  38. Peta McCarthy

    These are truly magificient quality underwear. So so soft and breathable. Thank you once again for great service.

  39. Martha Penga

    Excellent quality.

  40. Gina Di Donato

    Terrific quality ladies underwear. Super soft and comfortable.The best ever bought


    I cant say how super comfortable these bamboo underwear are. Throwing out all my old crappy underwear and buying more of these fanastic quality bamboo knickers. So soft and breathable

  42. Barbara Bartlett

    These are truly the best ever underwear purchased. Super super comfortable and soft. Buying more. Highly recommend to any new customers on the market who are after comfortable, quality and want eco friendly products.

  43. Suzie Jobson

    Magificient quality underwear. Super comfortable and breathable. Love bamboo products. Thank you so much for super quick delivery.

  44. Pam Olsen

    Super comfortable bamboo underwear. Love them! Filling my cart with more!

  45. Gina Coco

    Really beautiful quality. Super super comfortable to wear.Throwing all my other crap underwear and replacing with bamboo. Buying more now and filling my cart.

  46. Fiona Donaldson

    Great quality ladies underwear. Highly recommend to any new customers wanting quality, comfort and natural products. Love them. Buying heaps more for family and friends.

  47. Yvonne Young

    Truly quality underwear. Love your service. Highly recommend to any new customers magificient quality underwear.

  48. Vera Truelove

    Really comfortable and breathable underwear

  49. Heather Johnston

    Love them. Very soft and comfortable. The extra bonus is they are truly breathable. Great products from A World of Bamboo

  50. Dawn Moorhouse

    Absolutely super super comfortable. Best bamboo underwear ever had. Stocking up more now.

  51. Yvonne Evans

    Magificient bamboo underwear. Truly essatic with my new purchase. Buying more !

  52. Martha Yellowstone

    Excellent quality these bamboo underwear. SO SO soft and comfortable. Buying more .

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