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Bamboo Men's Ankle Socks



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A must have for any man who desires style and class.

Crafted to stay up without pressure or constriction lines, Bamboo Ankle Men’s Socks are perfect for any man who desires a more comfortable touch from their socks, and are particularly beneficial for those having varicose veins or living with compromised blood circulation.

The individually woven soft edge tops hold evenly, firmly but softly, these pair of Bamboo Ankle Men’s Socks is easily slipped on and smart for business or casual use. More over the gentle grip benefits, soft and silky bamboo ankle socks are fantastic at moisture absorption, naturally antibacterial and thermo regulating providing drier, cooler and healthier feet. Even toes will enjoy the silky softness as each pair is completed with hand linked toes for smooth seams.

These bamboo men’s socks are fit for both teenagers and adults and are Ideal for school, outdoors and particularly good for work.  These plain coloured socks support your feet comfortably, and do not irritate the surface of your skin.  Bamboo Socks is an ideal value way of stocking up on plain, practical everyday socks in this great bamboo fabric! These socks are definitely a popular item.

These strengthened toe and heel gripped ankle socks come in a variety of simple classy colours of Black, Charcoal and Grey.

A World of bamboo guarantees that you will not need to break the bank to look good, and feel comfortable with our durable yet streetwise bamboo Men’s ankle socks. Contact us by phone or email for more information and we guarantee your feet a treat. Just walking in our men’s bamboo ankle socks is a completely new experience. Read More

Colours: Black, Charcoal, Grey

Material: Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo Ankle Socks for Men

Socks are a necessity for most of us during our daily life. They help to support your feet and keep them comfortable in your shoes as you go about your day. For those who like to try and choose sustainable options when it comes to clothing, sustainable bamboo socks options are few and far between. That is why bamboo ankle socks for men are a great option.

Bamboo is a natural, organically grown fibre that is highly sustainable. This means that it is an option that is eco-friendly to both our environment and population. It also has many other benefits such as; being natural and chemical free, being breathable and thermos regulating, hypoallergenic and much more. Browse our selection of men’s bamboo ankle socks and choose a more sustainable option today!

A World of Bamboo

As an Australian family-owned and run business we make sure that we source the best bamboo products for the Australian market. We specialise in the importation of the unique fibre, ‘bamboo’ because we want to offer our customers quality, sustainable products at affordable prices.

When people are trying to make more eco-friendly choices, they shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to ensure that the products they are buying stay affordable. That is why we offer a wide range of bamboo products including bamboo linen, clothing and giftware with fresh and innovative products added every season.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Men’s Ankle Socks Made From Bamboo?

Bamboo is a natural and highly sustainable resource that can be used to make a range of different products. It is more eco-friendly than cotton and timbers because it can be grown quickly without the need for nasty chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides and also needs very little water to grow. Bamboo also does a better job of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing more oxygen. Overall it is just better for the environment than other materials.

There are also many other benefits to using bamboo:

  • It is biodegradable so will breakdown and return to mother nature when it is no longer useful or wears down.
  • It creates a breathable and thermos regulating material. This means that it will help you to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Bamboo is also antibacterial, so the material stays fresh and odour free for longer making it perfect for socks!
  • Bamboo is also highly durable whilst also feeling soft and silky making it great for long periods of comfortable wearing.
  • It helps to draw moisture away from the skin because it is more absorbent than cotton.

Browse Our Range & Buy Your Bamboo Men’s Ankle Socks Online Today

It has never been easier to shop affordably and sustainably. With bamboo men’s ankle socks for sale, you can be walking around in comfortable and durable socks that don’t break the bank. With different colours to choose from, they are ideal for work, school and any other aspect of everyday life as, with the help of their thermos regulating properties, they will help to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. Read Less

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Black, Charcoal, Grey

49 reviews for Bamboo Men’s Ankle Socks

  1. Thomas

    Delivery was fast but most of all bamboo socks that were recommended by a friend are the most comfortable I have ever owned.

  2. Aaron

    Good, I don’t have smelly feet anymore.

  3. Jared Buckley

    Pretty good for work. i will order more. reasonable price too for bamboo

  4. Cathryn Balkovsky

    Customer service was good, promptly replied all my questions that I had about mens bamboo socks and postage was standard, 3 days from the day I purchased.

  5. Cathy Suraci

    Bought for my husband for Christmas present. Now he has no smelly feet. He loves them. THANK YOU SO MUCH it has solved his problem he had for such a long time

  6. Thomas Bertwon

    Best socks for my son, he has autism and with that sensory issues with clothing, these socks are the only ones he can wear without getting anxious. A lot of the time he forgets he even has them on. Very happy with the super quick service.

  7. Thomas Jones

    Quality bamboo socks. Very quick service.

  8. Matt R

    My problem solved no more smelly feet. I cant believe my problem solved. Very quick service at A World of Bamboo

  9. Tommy Giffon

    Great products and very quick service.

  10. James Thomaston

    I bought over 10 pairs of bamboo socks from A World of Bamboo. The quality is fanastic and very affordable. Very happy with the product. Will now buy the boxers underwear and more stocks for my kids and wife. Very comfortable, soft and breathable product.

  11. John Anderson

    Truly great bamboo socks. Really breathable and soft. Very quick service.

  12. Ross Porterton

    Great bamboo socks and very affordable for the quality you get. Cant ask for more. Thank you for your very quick service.

  13. George Samulatas

    Terrific bamboo socks. Very quick service.Buying more socks from you guys.

  14. Josh McDonaldson

    TOP bamboo socks. So so breathable and comfortable to wear

  15. Josh Hamilton


  16. Joseph Mascero

    Great bamboo socks. I don’t have no more smelly feet. Highly recommend these bamboo socks

  17. Matt Owenson

    SUPER happy with these bamboo socks. Super comfortable and breathable socks.

  18. Bev Williams

    Love them very soft & Comfy

  19. Tom Barrow

    Great quality bamboo socks. Great buyer AAA+++

  20. Perry thompson

    Brilliant quality bamboo socks

  21. Anthony Perrero

    Excellent bamboo socks. I would not buy anything else.

  22. Kathleen Talbot

    bought these bamboo socks for my husband for work. He loves the texture, softness and quality of these bamboo socks.Buying more socks for the rest of my family now. Great value!

  23. Tony Corallo

    I never had bamboo socks and I was told so much my friends to buy and try. They are best! Breathable and so soft and comfortable to wear.Now buyng the mens singlets and bed sheets.

  24. Brett Sampson

    Great socks with a great seller. AAA+++

  25. Rosie Watson

    Breathable , quality bamboo socks

  26. George Pappas

    Love these bamboo so breathable

  27. Jeff T

    I love bamboo! Great product. These socks are terrific.

  28. Peter Petterson

    Super comfortable to wear these fanastic soft bamboo socks. Seller I would highly recommend for there great service. AAAAA+++++

  29. George Paulson

    Very excited in using bamboo products. Great for my skin. Very breathable socks

  30. Tom McSellar

    Love bamboo socks. Very breathable and comfortable on

  31. Tom Islam

    Received these bamboo socks from my mum xmas present. Really great socks. So happy with quality I am buying more for myself and some of my friends who are into bamboo eco friendly products

  32. Anthony Williamson

    Gorgeous quality socks

  33. Mathew McCarthie

    Terrific bamboo socks. Super fast service

  34. Ben Rider

    I never had bamboo socks and are super absorbent, anti static, breathable and super soft on your feet. Excellent buy!

  35. Percy Bartletto

    Extremely happy with my new bamboo socks. Super comfortable and no more smelly feet. Love them

  36. Ben Rider

    Terrific quality socks. Super fast service guys!

  37. Peter McCarthy

    Truly beautiful quality socks. Buying more for my sons now.

  38. Bradley Matteson

    Love my bamboo socks. Thank you so much for the super fast delivey service.

  39. Frank Mascara

    Absolutely love this product

  40. Tom Bonito

    Very impressed with the quality of these bamboo socks.

  41. Bob Peterson

    Terrific quality socks.

  42. Eva Mathewson

    Husband loves his new bamboo socks I purchased.He said very soft and breathable.

  43. Sala Mahoney

    So incredibly comfortable and soft, feel like they get softer after each wash. Slowly replacing all my socks with these as they wear out! Just love them!

  44. Charlie Bronston

    Terrific quality socks.

  45. Patrick Nurten

    Wow great bamboo socks. Super breathable and soft on my feet. Buying more now on my cart.

  46. Tom Eddiston

    Magificient quality socks. so so breathable!

  47. Benny Paulson

    Excellent bamboo socks. Just bought more for my boys who kept stealing my bamboo socks. We love them!

  48. Joe Mascarto

    Great product. No more sweaty feet.Highly recommend this Excellent product.

  49. Joe Mascari

    Exactly what was advertised, fast shipment

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