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Stylish and feminine, an essential outfit in every woman’s wardrobe.

We all fancy that pair of soft leggings that we don’t want to leave behind whether going for an outdoor event or even one of those indoor family gatherings or trips.  If it is one of your favourite pieces of wear then you don’t want to compromise on the quality and comfort. Driven by the desire to make every woman’s dream of class and comfort ideal, the world of bamboo presents the amazing women’s bamboo leggings.

The Bamboo women leggings are one of the most sought after products in our collection. Made of quality bamboo fibre these lovely leggings will amaze you with unmatched comfort, they are not just super soft but refreshingly soft, not too tight or too loose and most importantly stretching out is not an option either.  Designed with a modern woman fashion in mind the bamboo leggings are perfect for fashionable women desiring to look pretty and feminine regardless of the occasion, weather and size. World of bamboo ensures no one misses a pair of super soft leggings whether they are out jogging, dancing, hiking or even sleeping. The bamboo leggings crafted to complement any ladies outfit of choice and can be worn during any winter or summer event you have planned.  Get comfortable and confident with the bamboo leggings at an exceptionally affordable price from the world of bamboo to give your wardrobe a classic chic feeling, an everyday dream for the modern classic woman. Read More


Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Unit Packing: Colour Box

Material: Bamboo Fibre

Colour: Black

Bamboo Leggings For Sale From A World Of Bamboo

If you are looking for a pair of leggings that bring you unrivalled comfort, you need to try bamboo leggings. These sought-after garments are made of quality bamboo fibre that makes them super soft without the risk of them stretching out of shape. For an affordable price, you will be able to lounge around, jog, hike or do whatever else you want to in comfort, while also being classically chic.

At A World of Bamboo, we are committed to selling the best bamboo products. As an Australian family-owned and run business, we really care about the products that we source for the Australian market, and we want to make sure that all our customers are fully satisfied with the quality that they receive. Bamboo products are so sought after because they provide an accessible and affordable eco-friendly solution to many modern requirements. Selling quality bamboo products allows us to show our passion for our products and the ethical and healthier lifestyle it can help you to live.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Bamboo Leggings?

Choosing to buy bamboo leggings and other bamboo products is much better for the environment than buying products made from cotton. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. This and the fact that it doesn’t need the help of chemicals and much water to grow means that it is a sustainable resource. It also releases more oxygen into the air than cotton and absorbs more carbon dioxide. When bamboo products reach the end of their lives, it is also biodegradable making it planet friendly as they won’t create waste that will sit in a landfill for years to come.

Buying bamboo made leggings will also have a lot of benefits on a more personal level. When you are looking for more ethical clothing choices, most people would also want them to be comfortable to wear. This is one of the ways that bamboo excels. It feels soft, silky and luxurious whilst also being durable, allowing you to wear them in comfort for extended periods of time. Bamboo is also breathable and thermo regulating making the leggings brilliant to wear at any temperature because they will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. They are also antibacterial, same as our bamboo socks, so you will stay fresh and odour free for longer.

Buy Bamboo Leggings Online In Australia

You will find our bamboo leggings for sale in our online store. They have received tons of positive reviews from customers describing them as ‘fantastic quality,’ ‘great to wear,’ ‘super comfortable,’ and ‘so soft against your skin.’ Many customers have even recommended them to their friends so that they can also experience the quality and comfort of bamboo pants.

With the benefits that come from using bamboo as an alternative to cotton and other material, they are also an eco-friendly choice. This is because bamboo is sustainable as it grows quickly and doesn’t require much water or chemicals to grow.

Try our leggings made of bamboo for yourself! They could become an essential element of your wardrobe. Read Less

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76 reviews for Bamboo Leggings

  1. Aaliyah

    best feeling leggings that don’t tair away

  2. Sasha Stoicos

    love them! really good material and for the price its value for money.

  3. Ang

    Super comfy! Good quality

  4. Vicky P

    These are fantastic and very affordable plus I got a discount so thanks!

  5. Karen Lombardo

    Bamboo leggings are my favourite type of leggings!

  6. Perfect Leggings

    I”ve been looking for the perfect pair of black leggings and I have finally found them. They are fantastic on my skin, extremely good quality and nice and silky! Fast shipping. Georgina

  7. Karen Downes

    Truly comfortable and perfect fit of leggings. They truly wash up beautifully.

  8. Kirsty J

    So so comfortable! My sister bought a pair from this online store and told me how wonderful these bamboo leggings were. They are amazing, quality, comfortable and breathable. So happy with my purchase. Will now buy the ladies underwear.

  9. Candice Moutern

    Bought a fuscia scarf and a charcoal scarf for myself and my mum for her birthday. We are amazed on the quality and softness against our skin. I highly recommend anyone who wants to purchase a eco friendly quality scarf.

  10. Tory Patterson

    Great product! So so comfy and keeps me cool during these hot summer days!

  11. Lyn Summerton

    Perfect! Love the quality and comfort. I highly recommend to anyone who loves quality product and comfort!

  12. Tori Rosseton

    So so comfortable and soft. They truly feel you are not wearing anything. Thank you for the amazing quality and super fast service. Highly recommend to customers to buy these leggings. Washes up beautifully also.

  13. Browymn Chentown

    Best leggings ever purchased. Buying more for myself for you guys. Great service.

  14. Tamara McMullan

    Best bamboo leggings ever purchased. The best in comfort and so soft against your skin.

  15. Carla Trantello

    Love the quality of these bamboo leggings.SUPER COMFORTABLE!

  16. Tori Berryman

    Best bamboo leggings I have ever bought. They are that comfortable that you don’t feel like you are wearing anything. omg excellent product!

  17. Mary Pullito

    Amazing quality leggings. A++++

  18. Maria Zammit

    Terrific quality leggings. These are best quality I have ever bought before. Highly recommend them to any new buyers.

  19. Heather Chen

    Very very happy with the quality of these bamboo leggings. Buying the ladies underwear now and will put my review on these products also.

  20. Natasha Tingleston

    Awesome bamboo leggings. So soft and comfortable. You feel that you are not wearing anything on your legs. Best leggings ever bought.

  21. Taylor Khan

    Love them!! Super comfortable and soft to wear.

  22. Nadia Henningston

    Never had such comfortable and breathable bamboo leggings before. Also have wash up beautifully. Thank you so much to A World of Bamboo for great service and assistance.

  23. Wendy Wordensen

    Super happy with this excellent pair of leggings. SO SO COMFORTABLE and BREATHABLE. Great seller.

  24. Trudy McPherson

    These are very best leggings I have ever had. Love them. Thank you so much for your great service

  25. Heather Somerton

    Georgeous these bamboo leggings are. Great for any occasion. Super comfortable.

  26. Belinda Handiman

    Awesome quality bamboo leggings. Super quick service also.AAA+++ Seller

  27. Donna Gibson

    Excellent product. super comfortable leggings. Very happy with my purchase

  28. Paula McKlean

    Beautiful quality bamboo leggings. Wear them every day. Need to buy more for my friends and myself.

  29. Penny Di Tomasto

    Awesome quality leggings. AAA+++seller

  30. Angela McArthur

    Terrific these bamboo leggings are. Super soft and smooth on my legs. Fanastic quality and super comfortable to wear.

  31. Julie McPherson

    Excellent product and received my order next day.Wow great service. Super happy!

  32. Adriana Mathewson

    Super soft and comfortable. Never had leggings like this before. Bamboo is the best

  33. Ivana Petterson

    Highly recommend these bamboo leggings. Washes beautifully. Feel awesome on.

  34. Tania Wellington

    Awesome bamboo leggings. Received so quickly. Very impressed with the exceptional services.

  35. Nadia Grassa

    Best quality leggings I have ever had. Wow bamboo is eco friendly products and the quality is amazing.

  36. Kelly McPherson

    Love my new bamboo leggings. So super comfortable. Best buy ever.

  37. Rosie Henderson

    Brillant quality bamboo leggings. I am truly happy with the quality and comfort your bamboo leggings stack up to be. Highly recommend to any new customers!

  38. Nadia Grasso

    Very comfy and lightweight. Super comfortable and texture is amazing. Love them!

  39. Tania Islamic

    Super comfortable leggings. Great for everyday. Love them. Filling my cart with more leggings and socks and underwear. AAAAA+++++

  40. Janine Hopetoun

    These bamboo leggings are the super good to wear. Great product with a affordable price. Washes up beautifully

  41. Tania Succiao

    Excellent product. The customer service of A World of Bamboo is extraordinary amazing. So fast with delivery.

  42. Vera McNaughton

    Beautiful quality bamboo leggings

  43. Ella Newtown

    Love bamboo . These bamboo leggings are the best investment I have bought online. My girlfriends are now buying from you guys also. Thank you so much

  44. Helen Chen

    Beautiful bamboo leggings. They wash up so beautiful. Super super comfortable

  45. Toni Reed

    Super happy with my new bamboo leggings. Cant wait now to receive my new order placed with the bamboo underwear. Excellent service guys!

  46. Tania Isman

    Love them. Washes up beautiful and nothing beats the comfort of these bamboo leggings. Buying more than for myself and gifts for friends.

  47. Georgia Brentson

    Fanastic quality bamboo leggings. Super fast service

  48. Jessica McNaughton

    Love them! Super fast service. Cant get any better

  49. Jan McKeeley

    Love them! Super comfortable on

  50. Tania Islam

    Superior quality. Super fast service!

  51. Heather Jones

    Excellent quality. It feels so soft when they are on you. You feel your wearing anything at all. Love the value and quality.

  52. Gabby McKlean

    Magificient quality bamboo leggings I bought and service was so so super quick. Excellent service to all the staff of A World of Bamboo

  53. Heather McMurie

    Magificient quality bamboo leggings

  54. Wendy Warden

    Super comfortable and breathable. I am fan of any quality bamboo products.

  55. Ashleigh McLean

    Love my new bamboo leggings. Great product and super comfortable

  56. Alison Partionton

    Love these super comfortable bamboo underwear. Never had anything has comfortable as these bamboo underwear before. Highly recommend to any new customer.

  57. Heather Mathews

    Bought your bamboo leggings. Just loved them and told all my friends about this wonderful product. Now I am buying another 10 pairs has my friends have put in there orders with me.

  58. Grace Carbone

    Love my new soft and cosy bamboo leggings. Excellent product.

  59. Yvonne Kapinski

    Great bamboo leggings. AAAA++++

  60. Marissa Beltanto

    Gorgeous quality leggings. The best ones I have ever had. Super happy customer. AAAA++++SELLER

  61. Yvonne Pattyson

    Truly magificient quality leggings. Extremely delighted with my new purchase.

  62. Chloe Scerri

    Love these magificient quality bamboo leggings. Washes up beautifully. Terrific super quick service

  63. Tamie Jamieson

    Super super super comfortable. Love my new bamboo leggings. Super quick service.

  64. Doria Pattyson

    Quality product. Love my new purchase. Excellent seller .

  65. Jessica Aruculato

    My order arrived in only a couple of days. Leggings are super comfy. I bought one size up so they don’t show all the lumps and bumps as much and they are perfect.. I bought them for travel and they are great with a long top or can go under slacks on a cold day.

  66. Emily McPhersan

    Really super comfortable leggings. They wash up beautiful. Thank you to A World of Bamboo

  67. Terri Arcuri

    Terrific quality bamboo leggings. Feel super super comfortable on. Being long for such a long time for a pair of bamboo leggings that we comfortable and soft. Truly love them! Highly recommend to any new customer on market wanting a excellent product and very affordable

  68. Dung Xiu

    Very very good quality. Happy customer

  69. Rosie Brown

    Terrific leggings. super comfortable and cool on these hot days. Truly happy with my new purchase.

  70. Gina McMahon

    These are truly the best leggings i have ever bought. Super soft and comfortable

  71. Lisa Drysdale

    Super soft and comfortable. I love these

  72. Terri Jones

    Awesome quality bamboo leggings. Super comfortable on.Best buy ever!

  73. Gemma Walker

    Love them. Fanastic quality. Best buy ever.

  74. Vanessa bauchop

    Wow just love the softness and the comfort of these magificient bamboo leggings. Highly recommend to any new customer on the market.

  75. Janette Evans

    Perfect to wear! The comfort and softness is unbelievable great to wear. Excellent product!

  76. Terry Bramich

    Super warm, soft and comfortable. Cant get any better than this!

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