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Our Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions so you can learn all about our bamboo products. We cover a range of topics, from what makes our bamboo products so special to specific washing instructions for different items. If you are new to bamboo or have a burning question regarding your new product, keep reading.

Yes. Our bamboo products in Australia are hypoallergenic, hygienic, natural, chemical-free and antibacterial. We don’t think there’s much more that you could ask for.
As a whole, yes, bamboo products are ethical. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, growing and biodegrading at a fast rate. Bamboo products are also durable and with proper care will stand the test of time.
Bamboo products can be recycled if they haven’t been chemically processed. They are also 100% biodegradable and made from natural materials.
Bamboo is eco-friendly, it’s a renewable resource – a plant – so will also naturally decompose. It also grows and biodegrades at a quick rate, so is easily replenishable. In comparison to plastic, which takes 500 years to decompose, bamboo is the obvious choice.
We would recommend avoiding putting your bamboo household products in the dishwasher. This is because the heat and moisture from the dishwasher could cause your bamboo products to crack. Instead, you should always hand wash your bamboo products and make sure to dry them thoroughly.
Bamboo clothing is special due to the elevated comfort levels it gives you; keeping moisture away while still being very soft to the touch. If you are eco-conscious, bamboo is a natural, renewable resource and so is always the more eco-friendly choice. Our bamboo clothing is also a great option for those with skin allergies, including eczema, due to it’s hypoallergenic nature.
Bamboo clothing is very breathable so will keep you dry and cool throughout the hot summer days. This is due to the bamboo fibres being highly absorbent, especially when compared to a fabric like cotton.
We love our bamboo socks because they are comfortable and breathable. They are versatile and perfect for any weather and will also work well when worn during sports activities.
In hot weather, you want a fabric that will keep you both cool and dry. Bamboo clothing does both. It’s breathable which will keep you comfortable and as cool as possible on warmer days. Because bamboo clothing is so absorbent, it will also ensure you stay dry for longer, keeping your skin dry and overall much less irritated.
Bamboo is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s great for those of us that suffer from skin allergies and eczema. Since bamboo essentially wicks moisture from your skin, it will keep you drier for longer, an essential factor for eczema sufferers to consider when buying clothing.
Yes! Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic, gentle and will not irritate the skin. Clothing made from bamboo also tends to remain softer for longer in comparison to other fabrics.
Bamboo is a fantastic material for socks. It is very breathable and wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry all day.
Our bamboo socks are the ideal travel socks. Breathable and absorbent, your feet will stay comfortable and dry for longer, ideal for those long travel days.
The interior lining of your bamboo laundry hamper is removable, so simply remove it to wash. If you need to clean the hamper itself, you can rinse the bamboo with distilled white vinegar. Store your hamper in a dry and cool environment to prevent mould.
Bamboo bed sheets are durable, but we find it best to use gentle laundry detergents and wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine to keep them soft.
Avoid soaking in water and using the dishwasher to clean your utensils. Instead, we recommend using warm soapy water and a gentle scrub pad if needed. If you feel like they need a deep clean, you can rinse with distilled white vinegar or rubbing half a lemon across your utensils. Remember to always dry your utensils after cleaning rather than letting them air dry!
It is safe! Bamboo utensils are lightweight, durable and will not damage your non-stick pans, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen.
Bamboo-cotton sheets are great because they are absorbent, keeping you comfortable and dry all night so you get a good night’s rest. They are also still hypoallergenic and durable.
All bamboo items can be washed, just ensure you are washing them according to the washing recommendations for specific products. The general rule of thumb for most bamboo products is no high temperatures and ensuring they thoroughly dry.
Adding a pillowcase to your bamboo memory foam pillow is recommended to protect the pillow. Pillowcases are easier and quicker to wash, keeping your bamboo pillow in tiptop condition for longer.
Bamboo is a great fabric for sleeping with. Breathable and absorbent, it will stay cool and dry, making for a comfortable night’s rest. Bamboo is also a hypoallergenic and hygienic material, exactly the kind of fabric you want on your bed.
Though pandas are notorious bamboo lovers, receiving around 98% of their calories from their consumption of it, it is unlikely your bamboo products will have harmed a panda. Pandas inhabit small parts of China, while bamboo is grown worldwide and is a natural, renewable resource.