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Bamboo Cleaning Cloths Australian Stock

100% Bamboo

Fibers in cleaning cloths each reat differently when treated with stain removal products and during laundering. Bamboo is notable for its soft feel and natural antibacterial properties. Fibers can be weakened by chlorine bleach. If necessary use an oxygen-based bleach to remove stains. Only use cold water when washing products. Never use hot water, which may cause shrinking. Do not iron.

Bamboo cleaning cloths are great for general cleaning purposes and is perfect alternative.

Fanastic for cleaning glass, windows and car cleaning.


Dimentions: 29 cm x 26 cm


Available in 5 different colours: 









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Green, Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink

52 reviews for Bamboo Cleaning Cloth

  1. Lia

    very good

  2. Judy & Pat

    Great stuff for cleaning. We have stocked up on more because we love them. One side is great for drying and the other spraying. It leaves windows very shiny.

  3. Sam O

    Great, we use for our cleaning business and its perfect. came quick and good customer services. cheers for that

  4. Leanne P

    Great for cleaning the showers and glass. I love them. buying more.Worth every cent!

  5. Melinda Thompson

    Wow these are fanastic cleaning cloths to clean the showers and glass. Cant get any better. Makes my life so so easy to clean.

  6. Sam Tomardo

    These bamboo cleaning cloths are awesome. Amazing to clean the showers and glass. In actual fact for general cleaning also. I am cleaning business and has made my job so simple now. Great cloths in TOWN!

  7. Toby Thomas

    Wow guys these really do fanastic job in general cleaning. I cant believe how good they are for cleaning the showers and glass tables. Really made my life easier doing my household chores.

  8. Tommy Peterson

    Great cleaning cloths for any purpose especially for cleaning glass. I heard they are good but I did not believe till I bought some for myself .

  9. Juliana Thomas

    Awesome bamboo cleaning cloths!

  10. Rosa Dinato

    Truly very happy with these bamboo cleaning cloths. It is so true they are amazing for cleaning showers, glass and general purpose cleaning. Buying a big quantity for my cleaning business.

  11. Tracey Lang

    TERRIFIC cleaning cloths. so so good for cleaning showers….Terrific cloths. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a great product and does really really good cleaning. I cleaned my showers and the product does such a very quick clean. Truly happy with the cleaning cloths

  12. Nina Cooke

    Fanastic cleaning cloths for general purpose. Excellent value for the quality of these products

  13. John Cleaning Services

    Terrific any type of cleaning especially cleaning glass and showers.Comes my cleaning work so so super easy now.

  14. Gina T

    Best cleaning cloths ever purchased. Terrific for cleaning showers. Thanks to A World of Bamboo

  15. Francis Wong

    Fanastic cleaning cloths for showers and anything for cleaning.

  16. Isla Langton

    Wow amazing bamboo cloths. So so good for cleaning glass and showers. I use also for general cleaning. Worth every cent to make your cleaning chores so much easier.

  17. Pamela Torrington

    EXCELLENT cleaning cloths to clean showers and glass and general purpose cleaning.Buying more to my cleaning business now.

  18. Thersea Ballantine

    Fanastic cleaning cloths to clean showers and glass and any general cleaning. Super happy with this product.

  19. Andrew Webber

    Great product for cleaning our showers and any general purpose cleaning. Super quick service

  20. Tom Islasston

    Makes my life so much easier cleaning with the bamboo cleaning cloths.Excellent for cloths for cleaning my car and tried on the shower.Wow so easy to clean the shower.

  21. Barbara Bartlett

    Excellent product for cleaning those nasty difficult showers. I use them for my cleaning business. Best product ever for cleaning.

  22. Heather Simson

    Wow amazing cleaning cloths. I use for my cleaning business.

  23. Josie Mascae

    Terrific cleaning cloths to use for any purpose. Love the cloth for cleaning showers.

  24. Barbara Bartlett

    Great cleaning cloths for any purpose. I LOVE these cloths general cleaning and great to clean my car

  25. Oscar Walton

    Fanastic cleaning cloths for cleaning showers and glass. I am a professional cleaner and makes my job so super fast now

  26. Fiona Anderson

    Very happy with my new purchase of bamboo cloths. It does exactly as described.Buying more now to use around my house.

  27. Fiona McCarthy

    Excellent product for cleaning all general purposes and love it for cleaning the showers and glass. Your description of the product is exact to the word.

  28. Pamela Johnston

    Terrific cleaning cloths for using on general purpose cleaning. Excellent for cleaning glass and showers as described.

  29. Annie Smitheron

    Exactly as per description written. Fanastic cloths to use for any purposes. Excellent for cleaning showers. Highly recommend this product to any new customers.

  30. Mark Petterson

    Really terrific cleaning cloths. Use for my cleaning business.

  31. Barbara Barlett

    I am essatic on these awesome quality cleaning cloths. Great to clean showers and glass and general purpose. I am truly impressed with what bamboo products…Love it!

  32. Rose Benneto

    Fanastic these bamboo cloths are cleaning in the showers, love it for glass cleaning. Makes your cleaning chores so much easier . Used them also for cleaning my car.

  33. Evan Somitto

    Really great cleaning cloths. Great for my cleaning business. Makes my life so much easier with cleaning

  34. Cindy Venuto

    Best clothes ever purchased. Makes cleaning so much easier and no need to use chemicals. Best part.

  35. Donna McCaulgton

    Fanastic cloths for cleaning anything. Even used them for cleaning car. Wow great product!

  36. Matthew Burton

    Amazing bamboo cloths to clean with. Excellent cleaning glass tables and fanastic for window cleaning. Buying heaps more for my cleaning business. Great stuff.

  37. Perry Pattinson

    Magificent cleaning cloths. Super happy with my purchase

  38. Cheryl Watson

    These are truly the best bamboo clothes ever purchased. Really love them because it makes cleaning so so much easier

  39. Tom Verack

    Excellent product and your service is super fast in delivery

  40. Tommy McLean

    Excellent product. Very quick service

  41. Mary Dawson

    Very good quality cleaning cloths. Terrific for our childcare centre.

  42. Bob McLean

    Magificient cleaning cloths to clean in all types of cleaning. Love them for cleaning glass.

  43. Rosie Magierura

    Excellent product. Terrific in cleaning showers, glass and general purpose cleaning. Made my life so much easier being a cleaner in the domestic industry.

  44. Nadia Zacchigna

    Terrific cleaning cloths.Makes cleaning much easier!

  45. Eva Evans

    Excellent bamboo products

  46. John Mckaye

    Loved these cloths so much I had to buy more! So soft and easy to clean. Great cloths for my cleaning business.

  47. Patrick

    Truly fanastic eco friendly cleaning cloths. Great for my cleaning business

  48. Terry Mcpherson

    Excellent product for cleaning my glassware. Truly does a magificient job.

  49. Rosie McLean

    Excellent cloths for cleaning. Very absorbent and soft and picks up all the dirt!

  50. Gina McKee

    excellent product. does exactly as per description. I have a chemical product business and extremely satifisied with the product.

  51. Fiona McCarthy

    Excellent bamboo cloths. Terrific for using any purpose. Marvellous for cleaning showers and glass

  52. Fiona Gibson

    Excellent product for my cleaning business. Excellent for cleaning showers and glass benches and I use also for general cleaning. But recommend enough the any new customer wanting to purchase this product.

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