Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow 


Whether you are a back, front or side sleeper, you will love using this Bamboo Contour Memory Foam Pillow! There is nothing not to love about this foam pillow. Its standout feature is the fact that it can adjust itself to a user’s body features and sleeping posture providing comfort and relief to those with neck and back pain issues!

Here are other features and benefits you will definitely love:

  • Our Bamboo memory foam pillows deliver great pain relief for those suffering from neck and back pain issues as it will mould to a user’s body form and sleeping posture providing a stable and super-comfortable sleeping surface.
  • It is super luxurious. You will enjoy sleeping on this pillow as it is soft, cosy and very comfortable.
  • Hypoallergenic: The fact that the cover is 70% bamboo fibre makes this pillow hypoallergenic. This makes it perfect for those with allergies and sensitive skins. The bamboo cover is also odour resistant which means that this pillow won’t need frequent cleaning as is the case with other pillows.
  • It is eco-friendly. This is the number one thing that sets bamboo products apart! Bamboo is a highly renewable product that usually grows to great heights within a few months.

Get it from us right here in Melbourne, Australia while stocks last!


55 x 35 x 11/10cm

60 x 40 x 12/10cm


70% Bamboo 30% Polyester Cover 50D Contoured Memory Foam Filling.

5 years Warranty 

Care Instructions:

The cover can be machine washed, but the temperature should only be set to a maximum of 40°c. Air dry after washing.

The memory foam interior should only be spot cleaning with a damp cloth and aired before reuse. Please don’t machine wash, iron or dry clean.

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55 x 35 x 11/10cm, 60 x 40 x 12/10cm

115 reviews for Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow

  1. Loreta

    I really enjoy this pillow so much! i love bamboo in general! i love how its dust resistant thats a bonus and very comfortable. Shipping was good seeing that it was an international purchase (very hard to find bamboo in my country) thanks cynthia

  2. Michael Stuzzi

    Pillows are amazing, best nights sleep. god quality stuff. thnx

  3. Marian

    This bamboo memory foam pillow was recommended to me by a friend and it only has been one night sleep, I must say it makes a difference. Postage was cheap considering the size via Australian post.

  4. Julia Wilson

    Thumbs up to this product! Another ripper product from A World of Bamboo

  5. Emma Davidson

    These are the best pillows I ever bought. I now have the best sleep. Great for my neck and spine. What a difference it makes! Thank you will be buying more products from this supplier

  6. Alice Hortelano

    What a great pillow! We have been sleeping with it every night and it has won both myself and my husband. Highly recommended to people who love a great night sleep!! I will purchase more for the family.

  7. Jessica Whiteson

    I have so many pillows before for a good night sleep but were no good. I finally bought the best pillow from A World of Bamboo. Amazing quality pillow with every night I sleep very well. Very happy with my purchase. I HIGHLY recommend this quality pillow to anyone who wants a truly quality, soft and affordable pillow. Excellent investment! Jessica

  8. Annie Thomson

    Solved my neck and back problems. I have bought before this pillow already around 20 pillows to solve my problems. This is FANASTIC now. I can sleep and getup with NO headaches and restful night. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  9. Dorothy Tintson

    Best quality pillow. I now have the best nights sleep. I suffer from bad neck and lower back and this cushion now has relieved this pain. I cannot believe that this cushion is my saviour.

  10. Tania Cruiseton

    Best night sleep ever with my new pillow. Buying more for the rest of my family. Quality and very affordable for the quality. Very quick service!

  11. Johnnie Taubman

    Awesome pillows! Great service. Highly recommended to anyone to buy these quality pillows. Great night sleep.

  12. Michael D’Agostino

    I’ve tried many types of chiropractic foam and contoured pillows, but this one is definitely the best. I can finally get a good night’s sleep and not wake up with neck pain.
    Also great personal service from Cynthia to organise delivery.

  13. Heather Talia

    I have being having so many problems with my neck which causes me to not sleep well at all. Finally found this bamboo memory foam pillow.OMG the best pillow I have ever purchased. Thank you so much, this has solved my neck problems. Terrific guys so fast service!I will highly recommend you to my friends. Buying the quilt set from you now.

  14. Tracey Thomas

    Love my new bamboo pillow.Best night sleep. So happy!

  15. Natalie Di Donato

    Best night sleep ever with my new pillow. Solved all my neck and back problems after I bought your amazing bamboo pillow.Very good service provided from A World of Bamboo. Highly recommend these awesome pillows.

  16. Tommy Klinger

    Super happy with this terrific bamboo pillow. Very affordable for such a great product. Getting the best night sleep ever now once I changed to this pillow. Highly recommend it to any one for high quality product.

  17. Trevor Nottingham

    omg this best pillow i have had. BEST NIGHT SLEEP GUYS ………………So so happy with my purchase

  18. John Brownston

    LOVE MY NEW PILLOW. Best ever sleep I have had with this new purchase from A World of Bamboo

  19. Tania Flemington

    Terrific bamboo pillows. Tried so many pillows and this is truly the best I have ever bought. Fanastic sleeps

  20. Charles Thomas

    These bamboo contour pillows are the best every purchased. I have bought by now at least 50 pillows but this is the best one ever purchased. I sleep so well. Thank you to A World of Bamboo for solving my restless nights and now I can get the best night sleep.

  21. Trevor Worlton

    Best pillow I have every bought. It solved my neck problems. Great night sleep now.

  22. Tori Rushton

    WOW what amazing supreme quality pillows. I have bought so many pillows, but nothing like the quality of this pillow. Highly recommend to any new buyers interested in quality pillows.

  23. Tracey Marlsey

    I truly am so so happy with my new bamboo pillow I purchased from your website. ITS AMAZING TO SLEEP ON. Best nights sleep I have now. Thank you for your terrific service

  24. Vince Caruso

    Since I purchased this amazing bamboo pillow , I am getting the best night sleep. Cant get any better than this. Highly recommend to anyone to buy these awesome bamboo pillows.

  25. Rosemary Di Donato

    We liked these pillows so much that we bought another set when we needed to replace them.

  26. Tammy Faboli

    I have never had such a quality and comfortable to sleep on. Truly impressed. I get the BEST night sleep. Very quick service guys!

  27. Rosemary Anderson

    Excellent pillow. best nights sleep now. Love it so much I have bragged to all my friends. Many will purchase bamboo memory foam pillows from A World of BAMBOO

  28. Rosamarie Carusco

    This has truly solved my neck and back issues I have being having for years. I have gone through at least 50 pillows and none solved the problems I had. This is the VERY BEST pillow on the market. I am having solid nights sleep with any broken sleep

  29. Vera Proudston

    Magificent quality bamboo memory pillows. Best night sleep ever. Very fast service also. Thank you very much

  30. Natasha Pepperson

    Best investment purchasing my new bamboo memory foam pillow

  31. Simon Dorison

    I bought this bamboo memory foam pillow for my son who suffers from bad neck problems. He extremely happy because he does not have neck problems anymore. The pillow has being our savour. Thank you so much to A World of Bamboo for selling quality and affordable pillows.

  32. Joanna Rushington

    Great product. Best night sleep ever with my new pillow. AAA+++

  33. Jordan Nettleson

    Excellent quality bamboo contour pillow. Money well invested.Highly recommend these pillows.

  34. Jason Patil

    I truly love my new quality bamboo pillow. Its awesome. Best night sleep ever! Great investment

  35. Wills Pettyson

    Brillant bamboo pillow ever slept on. So cool on these hot nights here in Queensland. Highly recommend to anyone these super brillant pillows. Service is exceptional.

  36. Samatha Janieson

    Excellent pillow. Highly recommend to anyone who want a quality pillow and super affordable prices. Cannot get any better than this!

  37. Joanne Upwey

    Excellent quality pillow. Highly recommend. A++++

  38. Pam Pazzuzo

    Fanastic product purchased

  39. Peter Brownston

    Super comfortable pillow. I slept on so many pillows and this is the best ever had. No more nights with tossing and turning

  40. Mary O’shannsey

    Best pillow ever bought. Fanastic night sleep!

  41. Delanie Woodridge

    EXCELLENT bamboo contour pillow. I get the best sleep now and solid sleep. Buying for my kids now

  42. Jenny Dawson

    This truly a magificient pillow I purchased from A World of Bamboo. Awesome product

  43. Yvonne Matteson

    Excellent bamboo pillow. This awesome pillow is the best I have ever had. Super fast service to this great online business. Worth every cent and very affordable for this amazing quality.

  44. Tony Tamara

    I suffered from bad neck and back problems, but since I purchase this bamboo memory foam pillow I now get the best night sleep without waking up so many times during the night. Highly recommend the pillow to future customers wanting a quality pillow

  45. Heather Hodgeson

    Fanastic pillow. Never had such a great bamboo pillow to sleep on like this. Highly recommend to all new customers wanting a magificient pillow to purchase. This is definitely the one.

  46. Brad Benetton

    Had bought so many pillows before but nothing tops up to this quality pillow. Finally found the most comfortable bamboo pillow.Thanks to A World of Bamboo

  47. Toni Stonington

    Awesome bamboo pillow. Super comfortable to sleep on. Thank you to A World of Bamboo

  48. Lynette Di Vigilio

    Excellent quality pillow to sleep on. Completely giving me a great night sleep.

  49. Kim Walterson

    Magificient pillow ever purchased.Best night sleep ever

  50. Yvonne Simpson

    This would be the best pillow I have ever bought. Love it. Excellent to sleep on since I have neck and back problems. Truly the best pillow for me.

  51. Sharon Maddison

    This is awesome pillow.Best night sleep ever had once purchase excellent pillow.

  52. Caroline McSmilton

    I really extremely thrilled with the purchase of this extra comfortable pillow. Wow I now sleep so well. Thank you for your wonderful product purchased from A World of Bamboo

  53. George Pappas

    Excellent pillow. Cant find a better quality bamboo pillow now this.AAA+++ seller

  54. Eva Johnston

    Super great pillow. best quality ever and very affordable for the quality

  55. Terry Bollington

    Wow these bamboo contour memory foam pillows I just bought from you guys are absolutely magnificent. Thank you for this superior pillows

  56. Pat MacPherson

    Truly love my new bamboo pillow. Excellent product.

  57. Kris Kingleston

    Great product and excellent quality. Can’t get any better than this!!!!

  58. Rosemary Domanto

    Excellent product. Best pillow I ever purchased.

  59. Carla jensen

    Awesome pillow ever had. Sleeping now truly all night

  60. Kelly McPherson

    Have found this my very best pillow ever, it contours into my neck giving me a long and restful sleep. have purchased one more. I do not need to adjust it once I have located the perfect place for my head.

  61. Penny Yeng

    Great pillow for my damaged neck. Its such a relieve to have such a quality pillow that resolves my neck problem. Thank you to A World of Bamboo. Highly recommend to all new customers a pillow which is fanastic and affordable. Great investment!

  62. tracey divella

    Awesome product at a great price
    So far has Exceeded my expectations
    Thank you for the prompt service
    Filling my shopping cart again

  63. Barbara Bartlett

    Bought these pillows for my clinic. My patients are truly delighted with the comfortable sleep they are getting and the quality. Will highly recommend these pillows to more of my patients.

  64. Kelly Smartson

    Fanastic quality bamboo contour pillow. This is the best buy has I have bought so many pillows. But nothing compares with this pillow.

  65. Georgina Matthews

    Best pillow ever purchased.Bought so many but nothing compares to quality of this fanastic pillow. Highly recommend these eco friendly bamboo pillow

  66. Greg Green

    Excellent bamboo pillow. Best night sleep once purchased this pillow. Very smooth transaction. AAAAA+++++ seller

  67. Carmen Demangato

    Love it!!! Highly recommend these magificient pillows to sleep on

  68. Betty Simpson

    AAA+++ seller. Best pillows ever bought.

  69. Fiona Woolton

    Buying more for the rest of my family

  70. Yvonne Gladison

    Great nights sleeps once I invested in your bamboo. Great product for quality.

  71. Demi Peterson

    These bamboo pillows I bought is only one to say:
    Magificient to SLEEP ON

  72. Anna To

    Very good quality this pillow I bought for me. My husbands wants one to now. Buying for the rest of my family for great night sleep

  73. Jeff Saunders

    Very comfortable. Does wonders for my sore neck

  74. Heather Whittles

    Super quality product and the service received was super fast. Thank you so much

  75. Yvonne Karanski

    Wonderful pillow. Great seller AAA+++

  76. Joe Cabano

    Super bamboo pillow. Solved my neck problem which I have not being able to find a good pillow. Love it. Highly recommend these pillows to future customers.

  77. Jenny Tripp

    Fanastic pillow. Never slept so well. I have neck problems and the sleeping really well now once brought this great pillow

  78. vera jeffs

    Terrific bamboo pillow. EXCELLENT VALUE! Now I sleep so good because the pillow now does not cause me back or neck problem. Worth every cent.

    AAAAA+++++ seller

  79. Vannessa McPhee

    Bought this pillow for my girlfriend after she saw my pillow. Both very happy customers. Great quality products to A World Of Bamboo

  80. Martha Blackston

    Love this magificient new bamboo pillow. Super fast service from A World of Bamboo

  81. Jean Clark

    Couldn’t highly recommend the quality of these bamboo pillows. Bought for a gift for my husband and myself for Xmas. The best pillows ever conquested. LOVE them!

  82. Adriana McCrawley

    Love my new bamboo pillow . Its the best buy. So so so good for my damaged neck and comfortable. Keeps me cool on these really hot nights.

  83. Pat Brettson

    My mum bought a pillow from your website and I tried it and couldn’t believe what quality and comfort to get a great night sleep. Buying now for all my family being 6 people. Excellent quality

  84. Vera Jefferson

    Super super brilliant pillow ever had. The comfort to sleep on this pillow is sensational. Highly recommend to new customers.

  85. Rosie McKlean

    Brillant quality pillow. Cant get any better than this. Seller AAAA++++. Super quick delivery

  86. Kim McKey

    Brillant night sleeps on this magificient pillow. Highly recommend to any new customer wanting a superior quality pillow.

  87. Yvonne McCleary

    Love my quality bamboo memory foam pillow. Best night sleeps.

  88. Tamara Brown

    Love my new quality pillow. EXCELLENT value for the quality and comfort

  89. Peter McCaughty

    Love it. Best nights sleep with this amazing quality pillow.

  90. Cassie McDonald

    Super super happy with my new bamboo memory foam pillow. Sleep wonderful now once I invested in this pillow and no longer sore neck or back. Best investment ever.

  91. Sam Di Vito

    Love this amazing pillow. Cant highly recommend this pillow to any new customer. It is the best buy for such fanastic quality product. Sleeping so so good once I purchased this pillow. Over the moon with my new pillow.

  92. John McKlean

    Fanastic quality pillow. Solved my neck problems and great night sleeps now!

  93. Evan Jameson

    Love this quality pillow! Truly amazing! Best night sleeps. Highly recommend to any new customers

  94. Oscar Majorium

    Best pillow ever purchased. Highly recommend to any new customers quality pillows at extremely affordable prices

  95. Gemma McMahon

    Love Love my new bamboo contour pillow. Best buy ever! Highly recommend to any new customer of the fanastic quality this pillow is.

  96. Jamie James

    Magificient pillows. Bought two. buying now for parents who have tried them and want them also. Highly recommend to any new customer for excellent pillows.

  97. Marissa Dawson

    Magificient pillow. I get the best night sleeps once I purchased my new contour bamboo pillow. Highly recommend to any new customers to buy it

  98. Benjamin Mattinson

    Excellent product. Highly recommend to any new customers in the market for super quality product

  99. Joel Johnstone

    This pillow is truly magificient to sleep on. Best pillow every purchased. Highly recommend to any new customers in the market after a eco friendly quality pillow. Love it!

  100. Ben Spencer

    Excellent product and super quick delivery

  101. Evan Jones

    Magificient bamboo pillow. Best buy ever and service is exceptional.

  102. Matthew Cheung

    Excellent product. Very happy with my new pillow.

  103. Barbara Bartlett

    Really great quality pillow. I am super happy with my purchase. Cant recommend enough to any new customer to buy this pillow. Money truly well spent for supreme quality

  104. Emily Austen

    I had heard and read about this pillow, extremely happy to finally own one. It is so so good to sleep on, soft yet firm, great support for the neck.

  105. Emily McPherson

    Superior quality are these bamboo contour memory foam pillows. Bought two of them and love our night sleep with them. Highly recommend to any new customers for excellent product sold on the market with A World of bamboo


    Awesome quality bamboo memory foam pillow. Highly recommend to any new customer in the market for magificient product to buy.

  107. Eleni Boyd

    Wow love sleeping on this super comfortable pillow. Its really mould to your head AND bounces back up . Excellent quality for a very affordable price.

  108. Betty Davis

    Best pillow i have ever slept on. Great night sleeps. Excellent quality and very affordable for such an amazing pillow. Love it.

  109. John Mugiere

    Magificient quality pillow I bought from this website. Just love it! Highly recommend to any new customer wanting super quality pillows

  110. Patsy Jones

    Wow beautiful quality memory foam pillows

  111. Eva Evans

    Never had such a magificient pillow to sleep on. It has solved my neck problems. Best night sleeps. Highly recommend to any new customer. Top of range product and truly very affordable for the quality.

  112. Janine James

    Excellent product! ABSOLUTE DEVINE to sleep on.Highly recommend to any new customer for a top quality product.

  113. Cheryl Marshall

    Excellent product. Now placing another order for my husband who tried it and loved the pillow. Love your bamboo products!

  114. John McKay

    Bought two of these Bamboo Memory foam pillows and truly over the moon with the comfort and best night sleeps ever. Cant recommend what excellent product it is for being very affordable.

  115. Cynthia

    Love my new bamboo contour pillow. Great night sleep

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