Bamboo Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

Luxuriously soft and supportive, this stylish Bamboo Cool Gel Gusset Pillow provides a premium night’s sleep, keeping you cool, dry and extremely comfortable. Buy it online now from us.

This foam pillow moulds to your body features and sleeping posture providing a super comfortable and stable platform, which is perfect for those with neck and back pain issues. The natural bamboo fibre draws moisture away from your skin while you sleep to keep you dry during the entire night with the bamboo casing cover providing a cool and smooth surface that offers wonderful comfort. The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial features of bamboo make this pillow odour, and mould resistant making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

The natural odour resistant properties of the bamboo fibre allow this pillow to stay clean and fresh for longer!

To make it even more fascinating one side of the the pillow keeps you cool during the warm months and the OTHER side of the pillow keeps you warm during the winter months.

Buy yours today and make your bed a sleep haven.


60 x 40 x 12 cm


Bamboo and polyester mesh cover, memory foam and gel pad.

5 Year Warranty

Care instructions:

The cover can be machine washed, but the temperature should only be set to a maximum of 40°c. Air dry after washing.

The memory foam interior should only be spot cleaning with a damp cloth and aired before reuse. Please don’t machine wash, iron or dry clean.



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105 reviews for Bamboo Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  1. Rebecca

    I have never had such a good night’s sleep with this pillow! Its incredible-I didn’t even know there was a possibility of a pillow that is one side cool and one side warm. Will be buying another one for my husband as he keeps stealing mine. Fast shipping.

  2. Bret

    FANTASTIC! fast shipping, good product

  3. Hilary

    I have suffered from neck pain for years and wasted money on many pillows. I purchased this around 2 months ago and now have absolutely no neck pain. Its a miracle! I absolutely love it, buy of the year for me!

  4. William Braithwaite

    Bought two cushions. They are truly soft and great for all seasons. Will be buying more for the rest of my family.

  5. Maggie Thomas

    Wow ! The best pillows I have bought. I am now sleeping the whole night thoughout waking up during the night. Amazing pillows.Great service guys!

  6. Antonietta DiValentino

    Best money I’ve ever spent. I recommend this pillow as ít definitely kept me cool during the night, and I had the best sleep ever.
    I will definitely buy these for gifts for the family.
    Well done, great service guys

  7. Josie Cossimo

    After I purchased super cool bamboo pillows, I am having the best nights sleep. Love my pillow!
    Now looking in buying from you the bamboo bed sheets. Cant wait to sleep on these also.
    Thank you A World of Bamboo!

  8. Joanne Upertown

    Thank you so much for my new bamboo memory pillow. Excellent product. I have recommended this pillow to my family and friends. Very quick service. Cannot get any better than this. Very happy.

  9. Gemma Donato

    This is truly amazing. Keeps me so cool during our tropical weather we are having. Great night sleep! Terrific service.

  10. Gemma Costanzo

    I just bought two of cool gel pillows for myself and my husband because where we leave it is so so hot. OMG that are terrific pillows. Fanastic quality and so cool. Very quick service you provide guys! I highly recommend these memory cool gel pillows. WORTH EVERY CENT.

  11. Tony Tosmaro

    I sweat so much during the night and now that I purchased one of your memory foam pillow – cooling gel, my problems are no longer there. Now I get great night sleeps with no sweating. Thank you guys for selling such a terrific pillow.

  12. Thomas Somerton

    Keeps me so cool in my sleep. The best pillows I have ever bought

  13. Collin Peters

    This is one of the best pillows currently on the market. I really love how soft it feels and how comfortable it is. Will be buying all my bed products here! Thanks guys!

  14. Ross Mertington

    Best night sleep ever after purchasing these amazing pillows. Worth every cent for the quality and the best night sleep.

  15. Matthew Prouson

    Extremely happy with my purchase of cool gel pillows. One side keeps you warm and the other side keeps you cool. Brillant product. Also very quick service.

  16. Yvonne Pattinson

    Terrific cool gel pillows. I suffer so much from heat at night and this pillow has definitely solved my problem. Extremely happy with my new purchase from you guys. I will now go and buy the 100% bamboo bed sheets. Cant wait to sleep in them.

  17. Nina Maltana

    Honestly haven’t slept through the night in such comfort since I don’t remember – it has motivated me to buy a mattress protector to have an even better nights sleep but definitely won’t look back after buying these pillows. Exceptionally amazing pillows!

  18. Paula Dawson

    LOVE my new pillow. Cant get any better than this. Best night sleep. Super fast delivery. Thank you to the amazing staff of A World of Bamboo

  19. Frank Someras

    I suffer from heat in the head when I sleep and the pillow I just bought from you is the best I have ever had. Comfortable , moulds to my head and get a perfect night sleep without sweat. Worth every cent on the investment of this cool gel pillow. My friends are going to buy this pillow also. Thank you for solving my heat problem.

  20. Oscar Busselton

    Excellent quality pillow. Terrific purchase from A World of Bamboo

  21. Geradline Matterson

    Super magificient cool gel pillow. I no longer get aches and pains in my back and neck. I thought I would try first has a sample. Buying now for my shop in bedding products which I SELL in New South Wales. Snooze store.

  22. Kim Johnston

    Best night sleep once I received the purchase of my new bamboo memory foam pillow. Thank you for your wonderful service Cynthia. SO SO HAPPY!
    Now will invest on the bamboo quilt with silk filling. Cant wait to receive it from you guys.

  23. Trudy Papasthansi

    Best buy and best night sleep once purchased my new bamboo pillow. Thanks to A World of Bamboo

  24. Pat Dunn

    Fanastic quality gel pillows. The bonus is that the other side of the pillows keeps you warm.Marvellous pillow for all year round.

  25. Heather Anderson

    Love my new amazing quality cool gel pillow. One side is cool and the other warm for winter. I NEVER seen a pillow like this before. LOVE the price for such quality pillow.Highly recommend to anyone for this great product.

  26. Leo Morane

    Best pillow ever purchased. Great investment for a quality night sleep.

  27. John Wineslton

    Awesome bamboo pillow to sleep on. Super comfort for my neck and back. My problems are truly solved by using the correct type of pillow. Highly recommend these pillows to any new customers.

  28. Brenda Nigelton

    Excellent Product! SUPER QUICK SERVICE. Truly happy with everything. Thank you so much guys!

  29. Heather Jefferson

    Awesome quality pillow. Very happy with pillow purchase and the service from A World of Bamboo.

  30. Tania Corsco

    So impressed with the quality of this bamboo contour memory pillow. It has solved all my neck and back problems. Highly recommend to anyone.

  31. Heather Jefferson

    Wow, excellent quality pillow. Great for all year round. Truly happy with this extremely amazing pillow.

  32. Kim Patterson

    Super comfy pillows. Truly happy with this bamboo pillow purchased.

  33. Terri Vaughton

    Awesome all season pillows.

  34. Emma Osterick

    Fanastic pillow I purchased from A World of Bamboo. Now I sleep each night so peacefully. Best best investment buying this pillow.

  35. Natalie Saunders

    Best pillows ever purchased.Love my new pillow.

  36. Gemma Brownston

    Awesome pillow. Absolutely fanastic to sleep on.

  37. Paris Maddison

    Excellent quality pillow. Service is so fast and with a personal touch which never received before.Wow! Thank you

  38. George Harrison

    Best pillow ever bought. Thank you so much for the quality and affordable prices. Truly amazing buy!

  39. Nadia Grasso

    Excellent quality pillow to sleep on.

  40. Rosie Pritchard

    Best pillow ever had. Super good.

  41. Diana Pushton

    Fanastic quality bamboo pillows. Super quick service with you guys.Very happy customer

  42. Trevor Melodson

    I suffer from neck and back problems and I have bought at least 50 pillows by now. This is the best pillow ever purchased. I sleep now every night with any interruptions. Thank you so much for this wonderful product

  43. Pamela Bronston

    Love this fanastic pillow I Purchased with you today.

  44. Peter Robinson

    Best quality bamboo pillow ever purchased. Highly recommend these pillows to anyone who wants a quality and affordable pillow

  45. Amanda Morris

    Magificent quality pillow. Highly recommend to any customers who are interested in purchasing a super quality pillow. Cant go wrong with this pillow and very affordable price.

  46. Charles Charlton

    This bamboo pillow with cool gel on one side and other side keeps you warm is the best pillow purchased ever. Very good service I got from Cynthia. Highly recommend this quality pillow to any new customers wanting to buy it.

  47. Antonio Marcuso

    This is the best purchase ever made online. The pillow is magificient to sleep on. Buying from you guys more on your bamboo products. Will buy now your bamboo singlets. Heard so much on how good they are.

  48. Joan Mathews

    Awesome pillow. Best pillow I have ever purchased for myself. My husband is stealing from me the pillow so I will invest in another pillow for him.

  49. Karen cottier

    Love my new cool gel pillow. Great night sleeps now with the heat up north. Great investment!

  50. Bobbie Jamieson

    Wow its a brillant bamboo pillow. Never slept so well. Thank you so much for your excellent service

  51. Rosie McClee

    Awesome pillow to sleep on. Keeps me so cool and breathable during these hot summer nights in North Queensland. Excellent investment

  52. Tony Silverton

    Never had such a fanastic pillow to sleep. Worth every cent. Highly recommend to new customers wanting a top of the range pillow which gives you the best night sleep.Both sides are great to keep you cool and warm on cold nights. Love it!

  53. Trevor Matthewson

    Excellent product. AAA+++ seller.

  54. Maryanne Klineton

    I am getting the best night sleep ever seen I bought this pillow from you guys. My husband wants one also. Buying now another four pillows for my husband and children. Great investment.

  55. Pamela Robertson

    Excellent bamboo pillow. So cool to sleep on and the other side is nice and warm for the winter months. LOVE IT! AAA+++ SELLER

  56. Pat Derwant

    Best pillow ever purchased. Super fast delivery

  57. Oscar Boundy

    Wow so impressed in the quality of this cool gel pillow. I have bought so many pillows and this is truly the best pillow ever purchased. Terrific service guys!

  58. Penny Cornish

    Wow heard from my friends in South Australia who bought from your website. They raved so much about the cool gel pillows purchased from you guys. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super nice to sleep on.

  59. Kerrie Henderson

    Fanastic pillow ever purchased. Recommend to any new customer. Great seller AAA+++

  60. Jason Madison

    Perfect transaction, excellent seller

  61. Oscar Mckinnon

    Excellent pillow. Super happy customer. Highly recommend this excellent bamboo pillow to any new customer

  62. Pina Parello

    Magificent product from an excellent seller. Also exceptional service

  63. Melanie Vullon

    This is truly the best pillow ever bought. Highly recommend it . Best night sleep!

  64. Tammy Smithson

    The best pillows on the market, comfortable, very good support, and a good nights sleep.Thank you so much to A World of Bamboo

  65. Greg Simmons

    Best pillow ever purchased. It moulds to my head and neck and my night sleeps are brilliant once using this WONDER pillow. Very affordable for the excellent quality!

  66. Antoinette Di Valentino

    Super super quality bamboo cool gel pillow. Your service is also absolutely fanastic. Buying more the rest of the family.

  67. Mary Di Pippolo

    Love my new bamboo cool gel pillow. Never had such a fanastic pillow like this before. Super fast service.

  68. Tania

    I bought two of these cool gel from another friend of mine was a customer who bought the same pillows. She told had fanastic these pillows are. She absolutely right. They are fanastic pillows. Super happy with my purchase . Will fill my cart now with bamboo bed sheets from you.

  69. Trevor Fox

    Magificient cool gel pillow. The bonus is the other side keeps you warm. WOW all season pillow

  70. Luke Tukington

    Super awesome bamboo cool gel pillow. The quality is exceptional for such affordable price. It cant get any better than this. Highly recommend to all new customers. No hesitation to buy from A World of Bamboo

  71. Peta McCarthy

    Super quality pillow. Also love the idea that one side keeps you warm, while the other side keeps you cool. ALL YEAR PILLOW!

  72. Georgina Oscarsand

    Purchased two bamboo pillows. Fanastic pillows.

  73. Ellie McPherson

    Love this magnificent cool gel pillow. Value for money because the other side keeps you warm. Cant any better than this

  74. Tammy Brownston

    This pillow is magificient. Excellent product for such a reasonable affordable price. Love it!

  75. Gina Coco

    I sweat so much at night and I invested in your Cool gel bamboo pillow. Absolutely love it.

    Buying the bamboo bed sheets to compliment my new pillow

  76. Rosie Matteson

    Love these bamboo cool gel pillows. A bonus that on the other side of the pillow keeps you warm. WOW this is the best ever purchased. AAA+++ Super quick delivery.

  77. Matt Jones

    Love this amazing cool gel pillow. And a bonus the other side keeps you warm.Best ever buy!!!

  78. Gina Degano

    Really the best pillow ever purchased.

  79. Tamara Jones

    Love the two new pillows I purchased. We are getting best night sleep. Buying now the bamboo pillow protectors for these pillows.

  80. Maria Doanna

    Awesome pillows. Money well spent. Highly recommend to any new customers. Great quality pillows, cant go wrong with this product

  81. Peta Mcharty

    Wow this pillow is MAGIFICENT. Highly recommend to any new customers who wants upmost quality and very affordable for magificient quality pillow

  82. John Davison

    Never such good night sleep once I bought these amazing quality pillows from A World of Bamboo


    Best night sleep after purchasing your pillow. The best on these hot nights in NT.

  84. Kerry Miller

    Wow love this magificient pillow. Super quality and getting the best night sleeps.

  85. Barbara Bartlett

    Terrific quality bamboo cool gel. Great value for the money spent. Service is AAAA++++

  86. Beth McCowie

    This is awesome pillow and is excellent because I sweat so much at night. The pillow is my saviour. Extremely happy customer

  87. Melissa McCauley

    Truly a beautiful quality pillow. Love the idea that one side keeps you cool and the other side keeps you warm. Excellent value for supreme quality.

  88. Amanda Patterson

    Love my new amazing quality cool gel pillow. A bonus that the other side is for winter to keep you warm. Well cant get any better than this pillow. Highly recommend to any new customer.

  89. Gemma Donato

    Love my new cool gel pillow. Extremely happy with my new purchase. Buying the pillow sham for my new pillow now.

  90. Sebastian Materne

    Awesome quality pillow. The service was exceptional. Delivery was received in the next two days of placing the order.

  91. Pamela Jones

    Magificient pillow. Super fast service and cant get any better than this. AAA+++

  92. Pam Callington

    Magificient pillows. Could be any happier with my new purchase of pillows.

  93. Grace Mascato

    ESSATIC with my new cool gel pillows. Great stuff. One side keeps you cool and other side keeps you warm. Love it , does a great job both ways.

  94. Ivana Peluso

    Magificient pillow. Very happy customer

  95. Barry Thompson

    Best buy ever. The pillow is truly magical to sleep on. Fanastic buy.

  96. John McCawley

    EXCELLENT cool gel pillows. Another bonus it keeps you warm on the side of the pillow. Best pillow every designed on the market

  97. Ted Evans

    Excellent product

  98. Rocco Massimo

    This pillow has been the perfect fit for me as I’m often a side sleeper. The fact that the pillows thickness can be adjusted to suit my shoulder width has meant I don’t feel neck and shoulder pain anymore as it forces my alignment to a proper position.

  99. Brooke Kershaw

    A great pillow. Just the right firmness for my taste and the gel inlay is particularly wonderful given the recent hot weather PLUS added bonus keeps you warm on the other on winter.Wow. Terrific cant get any better than that. love it!

  100. Toni Reed

    I am very pleased with my new pillow, it is exactly what I have been looking for, specifically a firm version of a memory foam pillow that is cooling as well, can’t say enough good things about this one……reduced my tossing and turning on the first night…..doesn’t need fluffing up constantly!

  101. Mary Wilson

    Just love my new cool gel pillow. Its a bonus with the other side of the pillow to keep you warm.LOVE IT!

  102. Barbara Bartlett

    Fanastic quality pillows . Bought two for myself and my husband and now buying for my 3 kids. Excellent product

  103. Gina Mckay

    Love my new cool gel pillow. quality plus

  104. mitchell-creative-4

    Bought two of these Bamboo Memory foam pillows and truly over the moon with the comfort and best night sleeps ever. Cant recommend what excellent product it is for being very affordable.

  105. John McKay

    Bought two of these Bamboo Memory foam pillows and truly over the moon with the comfort and best night sleeps ever. Cant recommend what excellent product it is for being very affordable.

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